African Pygmy Goat Facts

African Pygmy Goat Facts
Name: African Pygmy Goat also known as African Dwarf Goat, Dwarf West African Goat, Cameroon Dwarf Goat, Nigerian Dwarf Goat

Scientific Name: Capra hircus

Pygmy GoatHeight: 15 to 17 inches high at the shoulders

Average Adult Weight: 60 to 86 pounds

Life Span: 10 to 15 years

Description: African pygmy goats come in many colors including brown, white, black, silver-gray and caramel. They have a small beard. They do have horns. The female's horns are generally short and straight while the male has longer horns that are twisted and turned back.

Countries found in: African pygmy goats are originally from the Cameroon Valley area of West Africa. They are now domesticated and can be found all around the world.

Habitat: Dry climates with desert and savannah type vegetation.

Babies: A female African pygmy goat will give birth to 1 or 2 kids after a gestation period of pygmy goats is roughly 147 to 180 days. Most births occur in the spring time. When born, African pygmy goats are less than 1 pound but are able to stand and nurse within minutes. After about 4 hours the babies can run and jump around. African pygmy goats are generally weaned from their mother around 3 months of age.

Food: African pygmy goats are browsers and prefer to eat grass, trees, shrubs, twigs and leaves. African pygmy goats have multiple stomachs like a cow.

Group Name: A group of African pygmy goats is known as a tribe, trip, drove, herd, or flock.

Conservation Status: Least Concern

Interesting Facts: African pygmy goats are now domesticated. They can often be found in zoos and petting zoos.
African pygmy goats are very friendly and smart.
Well treated African pygmy goats are often affectionate.
They make good pets and can be taught tricks.
African pygmy goats are generally healthy and hardy with few health problems.

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