Teacup Pigs - Mini Pigs

Teacup Pigs - Mini Pigs
What is miniature pig? What in the world are teacup pigs or mini pigs. How big do these miniature pigs get? I suppose this is variable factor, it varies according to context. Neither philosophy nor physics change anything. If you have a 60 to 170 pound potbellied pig it would be miniature compared to a 700 pound sow; the 60 to 170 pounds would be considered miniature. However, the pet industry wanted what wasn’t in nature; a smaller pig. What do they do? They created a teacup pig, tea cup pig, or micro-mini pig (micro mini pig). What is a teacup pig or what is a micro mini pig? It is a pig that has been modified through selective breeding.

The demand for a smaller pig came from the admiration for the Vietnamese pot bellied pig, or potbellied pig. Frankly, they are a magnificent animal, they are affectionate, easy to care for, litter box trainable (potty train), have a fair lifespan of around 15 years, and weigh around 120 to 150 pounds (keep in mind their weight is very compact so they appear smaller (like a tank:), they get along with other animals, don’t bark, and a lot of other attributes that have made the Pot Bellied Pig very popular.

However, for all intents and purposes they are too big for most people to consider as a house pet.

People have fallen hook, line, and sinker for miniaturized animals since the Standard Poodle which is a very intelligent dog. The demand for a small poodle arose through years of a selective breeding process. The teacup poodle or toy poodle came to be.

When I wrote one of the first articles on the teacup pig, or micro mini pig there were few breeders in the United States. Now they are cropping up all over.

Even today teacup poodle breeders cannot guarantee that a teacup poodle will only reach a certain size. Same with the teacup pigs, sizes can’t be guaranteed.

Manipulated breeding has cost animals a tremendous amount of physical problems; from skeletal to heart problems. Manipulative breeding has also brought a predisposition to cancer. Breeders also will "cheat," and will do unethical things like underfeed as the animal is growing so that it stunts the growth.

I strongly suggest getting a written health guarantee and an adult weight guarantee. I doubt if you’d want to give up your pet if he or she goes over the advertised weight but at least if you have a written guarantee, demonstrating that the breeder knows about what the pig will ultimately weigh. Though, most the weight guarantees come with a stipulation that you follow their feeding program verbatim.

Buy only from a reputable breeder and not some fly by night classified advertisement, advertising teacup pigs for sale. I don’t care what they want to call them teacup potbelly pigs, pixie pigs, or pocket pigs. They are miniaturized pigs obtained through selective breeding.

Teacup pig breeders - teacup pigs for sale
- micro mini pigs for sale

Micro mini pig breeders (same difference)

Tea cup pigs for sale Com
Advertised size range, how much do teacups pigs weigh? You will find these terms and weights, according to the Teacup Pigs for Sale website.

Pocket Nanos weight range 15 - 20 lbs, Nano Micro Minis 20 lb. weight range, super micros weight range 30 lb. I am seeing prices range up and over $5000.
Another mini pig breeder.

Teacup Piggies Com

I have to admit they have a tremendous about of appeal. The Miniature Pot-Bellied Pig, and now the miniaturized version, the teacup pig, are warm and loving animals that love attention. If you love a lap pet the pig loves to park in your lap, and the pig doesn’t care how big it is!

Is there a such thing as a pocket pig? How big is your pocket?

Contrary to popular belief pigs are very clean animals. If all they have is a bunch of mud and excrement to cool themselves in, they will wallow in it, pigs do not perspire! If they have clean surroundings they are extremely clean animals.

Pigs will become ill and die if kept in temperatures that are too hot or too cold. Pigs don’t have a cooling system like humans. We perspire to keep cool, pigs don’t perspire. Mist them with cool water or provide a gradually sloping pool for them to cool themselves. They must be able to get in and out easily and it cannot be very deep. Change it frequently!

They are also very intelligent animals. They enjoy toys, interaction with their human family, and play. This mental stimulation is a must.

They also must have physical stimulation and exercise. if they don't you will have serious behavioral problems and a overweight pig.

Pigs are omnivores meaning they eat basically everything, vegetables, meat, fruit, and junk food. Don’t give them junk food. Don’t let them get near the dog food or cat food. Don’t feed them pig pellets found in feed stores these are formulated for huge pigs sold for meat.

Feed micro mini pigs healthy grains, vegetables, some fruit and some horse quality hay. Hay is a fibrous material and pigs can’t have too much. They can and should have small amounts of protein.

Provide fresh, filtered drinking water.

Miniature pigs should be spayed and neutered. It is healthier for the animal and your pet won’t go hormonal on you with undesired behaviors.

Rooting is a unwanted behavior, a pig can damage a yard in no time flat. It is their natural tendency to seek roots underground. You must fulfill this basic need, give him or her part of the yard to root in, then your flowers will be yours (you still need to keep the pig and flowers separated, and no, a sign won't work.

Check to see if it is legal to have a mini pig, teacup pig. Most laws don’t take into consideration tea cup pigs and pet pets, but farm swine. Laws are still written accordingly. It is high time to take this up with your local lawmakers!

Teacup pig pictures

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