Exotic Pet Laws

Exotic Pet Laws
I grow more concerned about the trend of the changes in exotic pet laws. I think you should too. These laws are taking yet more rights away from the citizen. It is usually the same people that call for less government. They create more. I am not referring to either political party as I belong to none. In all consciousness I cannot stand behind or proudly say I am a…..! Just fill in the blank, republican, democrat, etcetera.

The current political parties dishonor our nation. They do not represent the people of the United States of America, they stand for the companies that seem to be running the country, and they stand for their own political agenda. They stand for reelections, for themselves or for their party. How can they possibly be fair about laws concerning exotic pets? Now that is off my chest I’ll continue.

Yes, the Department of Wildlife or Department of Fish and Game, has a great deal to do with exotic pet laws, but don’t think for a minute they are not as corrupt as our other representatives are. They or fairly, many of them also seem to have a bug up their not so sunny place machismo (as far as I am concerned the female gender can have this affliction too.)

An exotic pet does not necessarily equal a dangerous pet. What? If it were true we’d see these headlines! Stay tuned for the attack of the dwarf hamster! Mini lop rabbit wipes out apartment complex. Corn snake goes berserk hissing owner to…death by tickle?

I don’t like making light of a serious matter, however some of the new rulings include non-dangerous animals. Our laws never made it out of the archaic epoch to allow ferrets in the state of California.

The Department of Fish and Game states that ferret organizations greatly exaggerate the number of ferrets in the state of California. I doubt if that is true. If you don’t believe it, check the ferret food, and ferret accessory sales at PetSmart and Pet Co.

Face it; a domestically raised striped skunk bred by a licensed breeder such as Ruby Farms in Iowa, who have not had a case of rabies for decades, for a century plus some decades. So what is the danger about a domestically raised skunk?

Before someone or someone else (I should say) jumps on the bandwagon of my choice of animals I consider exotic. Many others and I consider being exotic pets; we will use the simple definition of not being a dog or a cat. Just remember, I have written about exotic cats, so I guess we need to include a few kitties too. Some people use the definition of not a dog, cat, bird, or fish. I would have to include at least a few fish, and basically all parrots especially the macaws and other parrots. I already included some cats.

Television stations, certain shows, a number of organizations are using sensationalism – the use of shocking information to sell commercials to fleece you out of your money and to take your exotic pet away from you.

Emotive subject matter, an example, the rare incidences of a pet attacks on a humans; I am not even going to use the words exotic pets because pet attacks can occur with any animal. Animals are as likely to attack as humans are. Yes, there are some people with mental problems. Would this explain why a few select animals’ occasionally attack? Other reasons would include abuse, fear, and starvation. Animal attacks are rare, not the norm. Just as I hope human attacks are rare (per population) and not the norm. At least, I hope this is true. After all, we are supposed to be evolving.

The same thing happens when a human murders someone, kills their own children, or a child kills their classmates. This is sensationalism. These horrendous things don’t happen frequently but the media certainly makes you think it does. They rope you in with dreadful titles; the more viewers they have the more money they make.

How many millions of people set in front of the set during the Casey Anthony trial? What ensnared people to watch a trial of an alleged murdered child? How many millions if not billions of dollars were made because a child suffered and died?

The problem is this sensationalism helps create new laws and legislation concerning exotic pets. So you lose two ways. You got conned into watching their shows and you are losing your rights to own exotic pets.

Just for the heck of it I ran two topics in my forum, both basically the same exact subject. I made one title somewhat horrifying, the other just plain and simple. The horrifying title got thousands of hits; the basic title about basically the same subject got just a few hits. Are we that bored with our lives or what? The same thing seems to apply to exotic pet news.

Watching these anti exotic pet shows, and also not putting your foot down to communicate to them you’re not going to watch these types of shows anymore; in essence if you do watch them, you are supporting anti-exotic pet legislation. Many states have or are going to limit and or stop the ownership of exotic pets. Are you aware that several states this year alone have restricted exotic pet ownership? What is next, states or even countries limiting what KIND of dog you can have? Oh, never mind, they have already done that. We lose!

*Points to consider and I would appreciate your feedback. I supplied a place to respond or you can use Facebook (link directly under small series of questions) Your response

*Is a venomous exotic pet a danger if you are responsible and keep the enclosure secure and locked? Your response

*OK, do you feel the same if it were an emperor scorpion or a rattlesnake? Your response

*If an exotic animal is domestically raised, not taken out of its environment, and is responsibly cared for should the government have a right to mandate if you can have the pet or not? Your response

*OK, does the type of animal make a difference in your decision?

*If an animal is an endangered animal, close to extinction, should we do everything we can to save that species. Your response

*Many people feel tigers, lions; etcetera should not be “saved” by being reared and then kept in an ample enclosure - a wild animal should not be taken out of the wild. It doesn’t matter if the animal is being hunted to extinction or its habitat destroyed. Your response

*Now, some of the same people against having large cats are for saving wild mustangs and support the wild mustang adoption program. Please, tell me the difference! Your response

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