Blue Stars - Biggest Loser SlimCoach

Blue Stars - Biggest Loser SlimCoach
A commonly asked question in the SlimCoach system is what the blue stars mean. Your profile image will have from one to five blue stars next to it. Here is why.

First, here's a screenshot of a typical tab within the SlimCoach system.

Biggest Loser SlimCoach Review

The center area shows a summary of activity to date. The top area is a standard header which shows general information about the account as a whole. This header displays on all tabs. Information from it is shown in the community forums as well. You can see in the top right, next to my profile picture (the grey blob) that there is a column of five blue stars.

The stars represent how well you're doing as a running total over the past seven days. The system tracks your activity on a rolling seven days system. So, over the past seven days, did you meet your step count goals? Did you meet your calorie burn goals? Did you meet your heart minute goals?

If you did all of these things over the past five days you will maintain five stars. This shows that you are staying as active as the system feels you should be.

If you slipped a bit and did not meet these goals, you will start to "lose stars". If you were close but not quite there, you might be four stars. If you did really poorly - if you had the flu and didn't get out of bed all week long - you might be down to one or two stars.

Not to worry. Once you are feeling better, get up and moving. Within seven days you can get those stars back up into an active state again.

So the stars are a quick-glance way to see how you are doing. In the forums, it's a way of knowing if the person posting is someone who is actively using their SlimCoach device, or is someone who hasn't been using it in a while.

Post in the low carb forums if you have any questions, and I'll be happy to help out!

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