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When you're using your Biggest Loser SlimCoach, your profile keeps gathering up points. Just what are these points, and what are they there for?

First, where do you see your point value? If you look at this typical screen in the SlimCoach system -

Biggest Loser SlimCoach Review

You'll see in the top header bar that the second item from the left says

My Points 269

That is your points value. I think that started at 2 just for signing up. Then came my first sync and downloaded activity. The more calories I logged, the more the points went up. After five days of activity I had 269 points. After adding 430 calories the next day, my points value had risen to 347 points. My total calories at that point was 4,380.

The SlimCoach PDF file is fairly vague on the points issue. It says:

"Points are based on your ability to achieve your energy targets and are recalculated every time you sync your device. Essentially, you get points for attaining and maintaining a green Health Circle™. So, the more steps you take, energy you burn, heart healthy minutes you achieve etc. the more points you get."

Out of curiosity I set up an Excel spreadsheet and began playing with multipliers for the three main things they track - heart rate, steps, and calories. I ended up finding that this set of multipliers comes up with just about their answer, plus the starting points -

cal 4380 0.05 219
heart 569 0.1 57
steps 66306 0.001 66

So I'll watch going forward if that keeps working well.

Now, as to what these points are USED for, it seems to be like the TV show "Whose Line Is It Anyways?" - where the points don't matter at all. They can't be used for anything. So it's a meaningless counter that just keeps going up and up.

Post in the low carb forums if you have any questions, and I'll be happy to help out!

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