Faith in the Truth

Faith in the Truth
How important is it to know God for who he really is - the God of the bible? Is it enough to believe in him and to know that he is the way to heaven? Is there more?

The top hinge of my kitchen cabinet door came off. I was very distressed. I didn't want to have to call a repair man for this one hinge. So, I found my screw driver and sat on the floor determined to find out how it could be fixed. After some studying of the other hinges and some fiddling with it, I figured out how it should work and I fixed it. I was very proud of myself. The cabinet door worked again and I did it without help. Later, as I looked at it, I noticed that the cabinet door was not quite straight. It tilted to one side, but that probably didn't matter. It wasn't very noticeable and it worked well enough. That's what was important. I went about my daily routine and forgot about the tilted cabinet door. Two days later, when I opened that door, the top of it sprang out from the cabinet. The hinge was off again. I guess it did matter that the door was not straight. The slight angle of the door, while not bothersome to me, had slowly worked the mechanism out of place. My father's words, from long ago, rang in my ear. "If you're going to do something, do it right."

I sat down on the floor again, screwdriver in hand and worked harder this time. The hinge was finally back in place; this time with the door straight up and down. My cabinet door worked smoothly once again.

I think belief is like that. If our view of God is close to the truth, but not exact, our faith works for a while. It keeps us happy. However, after time passes, with the constant wear of life, we become unhinged. We can believe in God as a loving granter of wishes, and he is - but he is more. We can believe that God is the Almighty ruler of the universe, and he is - but he is more. When prayers are not answered with the affirmative "yes" we expect, we need to know that God sees and guides our future for our benefit and that he is shaping us to be more like Jesus. When we hear of wars and atrocities, we need to know that he moves even unbelievers to accomplish his will.

Don't rely on what you have been told about God or on the stories of childhood. Don't rely on knowledge that is almost correct. Get it straight. Get to know the God of the bible.

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