Making Contact

Making Contact
We have a higher consciousness that allows us to do better. We have within, the ability to manifest our deepest desires and further understanding. So how is it circumstances can get the better of us and how can we bring about something more?

What if in a fraction of a second we could manifest romance? What if, with the snap of a finger, we could let someone know what's deep down inside or a favorite pet knew more about us than a significant other ever could? We can and they often do!

A man who came to see me had been to a doctor recently, exercised regularly, monitored his diet, everything a person is supposed to do. Still, he felt discontented and wondered if there was something he was missing?

"The night is the worst. Too much quiet I suppose? Nothing’s really wrong exactly, but nothing feels right, I guess. Best way to put it.”

I asked, where he felt the most secure, centered or if he had ever been able to find a place that is comforting, a haven so to speak.

“Maybe when I look at the stars? There's nights I...I just don't sleep well. I work a lot too. Ocean? It all comes together there. Simple really, but then responsibilities, you know? Back to reality.”

At the time, he didn’t understand he’d made contact and with the most powerful tool of life-configurating Destiny there is! Your True-North. It's very much the equivalent of technology, but purified. It's instantanious with projection. It moves at a faster vibration and in part is what we're engaging when we meet someone and have that instant connection, communicate with a pet or engage with nature.

Technology is advancement and makes life easier. We're busier and busier all the time with family and financial pressures and it's nice to have a little something pave the way for an easier day. In the wrong hands it can do horrific harm, much in the same way we can gift over our power to work, stress or others outside of ourselves.

Making contact is essential. There really are mysteries in the depths of our seas and many if not more in the Universe as a whole. We are a part of all that and it's there we find grounding and are able to reel ourselves in for whatever amount of time we engage.

Putting this knowledge into practice is the key. It’s a presence amidst the noise and fog and a connection much larger than anything we might experience alone.

Karen Elleise
Clairvoyance Editor

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