Last Minute Fabric Decor for BBQ Parties

Last Minute Fabric Decor for BBQ Parties
Time goes by in a flash and yet there are so many last-minute details to wrap up for the happiest of summertime gatherings. Quick to make fabric d├ęcor will brighten any backyard party.

Welcoming Fabric Wreath for Summer - red, white and blue bandanas (or any colors really) make a quick and easy fluttery wreath to hang on the front door. A dozen or so bandanas are needed along with a purchased wire wreath form (a wire coat hanger will work too, just bend into a circle or heart shape). Fold each bandana in half and cut along the fold to form two equal pieces. Scrunch each of the bandana pieces lengthwise, fold in half to form a loop then place on the wire form pulling the tail ends through the loop so the tails will face outwards. Pull taut. Continue with all remaining bandana halves around the wire form.

Basket liners - use pinking shears to cut a large square out of any summery fabric. No need to hem at all. Just lay the fabric in the basket (cut large enough so fabric drapes over the edges), then add party utensils, napkins or just about anything needed for the festivities.

Frayed Party Garland - tear two contrasting fabrics into approximately 2-inch wide by 24-inches long strips. Fold each in half, forming a loop. Use a long length of cord or rope to tie on each torn strip by passing the torn ends over the cord and through the loop forming a knot so the ends dangle free. Make as many torn strips as desired for fullness. Looks especially nice with frayed denim strips alternating with red gingham fabric or red, white and blue gingham strips.

Child's Fairy Wand - tie on long lengths of many colors of ribbon to a dowel rod end. Top with a fabric star shape. Alternately tie on many lengths of ribbon to a large plastic or wooden hoop. Called a hand kite (great for summoning unicorns!) the ribbons fan out as the child runs about.

Bandana Table Runner - stitch several together in a row. Just three or four are all that are needed to brighten up a picnic table.

A note about the unassuming but festive bandana that often makes a BBQ party appearance: it can be seen today in use in all cultures around the world, by all facets of society and popular with all ages. A bandana can have many, many functions: as a head covering to keep hair out of the way of working equipment, or merely wrapped into a decorative headband, tied around backpacks for hiker visibility on a forest path, folded to be used to grab hot pot handles from stove or campfire, soaked in cool water and tied around the neck to keep the summer sun from scorching tender neck areas to name just a few. So many uses can be attributed to this simple but iconic square of cloth.

Sew happy, sew inspired.

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