Is MMS Safe? - Learn The Truth About MMS

Is MMS Safe? - Learn The Truth About MMS
MMS1 is a compound called sodium chlorite in solution in water. Sodium chlorite has been in distribution for over 30 years as a detox agent for many diseases. Commonly it has been called Stabilized Oxygen and it is sometimes sold for usage with pets.

Over the last four years it has come to the forefront as an alternative "medicine" after Jim Humble released his knowledge to the public on the miracle of MMS1. The fact that MMS cures malaria in less than one day makes it signficant medicine for those people who live in Malaria stricken nations and who suffer a high death toll even when antibiotics are used. Since then many people have tried used it and have experienced signficant positve results in chronic health conditions.

MMS is primarily known for eliminating pathogens from the body. It has also been helpful in some diseases classified as "auto-immune".

Since I am always looking for new ways to deal with diseases I took an interest in MMS1 and started tracking its use and collecting testimonials. I used it myself. My sons used it. My husband used it and friends and neighbors tried it. By and large the response to MMS has been signficantly positive. Some very difficult conditions were cured with it amongst many people I know.

In my personal use, I found MMS extremely helpful in my own case of irritable bowel disease. It fully eliminated the symptoms for three years. At this time I repeated MMS with good results. Please also see my other articles on Irritable Bowel disorder for other adjunctive therapies.

The World Health Oganization has been made aware that MMS can cure Malaria in less than one day with the cost of only a few cents per dose. The W.H.O. has refused to acknowledge and support MMS1 use and preferes to continue to back dangerous drugs than often do not work and can cause resistant microbial disease.

Over the last four years I have collected testimonials of MMS users. Hundreds of thousands of bottles of MMS have been sold and used in this time around the world. Jim Humble says millions of bottles. Few negative reports have come in by its users. Most negative reports are about nausa, vomiting and dizziness. These reports have declined over the last year as the application of MMS has been changed, reducing the dosage, but giving more frequently through the day. These symtpoms can be controlled during long treatment periods by adjustment of the dose. One death has been blammed on MMS but no toxicology reports are avaliable to confirm this death. Keep in mind the thousands of deaths that happen yearly from the use of antibiotics, ibuprofen, tylenol, and aspirin and other drugs.

Becasue MMS is curing so many different diseases it is and will continue to make an impact on pharmaceutical profits. The FDA is clamping down on its use in Canada and the USA. It is now sold as water purfication drops and no medical claims are permitted, therefor only sites like this which are not involved in the sale of MMS are permitted to speak the truth.

Considering all the deaths and deadly resistant infections occuring with the use of antibiotics, I suggest that you research MMS1 further. Antibiotics cause many other serious gut diseases. MMS1 has been reported to cure the gut diseases that antibiotic usage can cause, including crohn's disease, irritable bowel, stomach cancer and candida. All these diseases have a pathogenic origin caused by the damages that antibiotics or other drugs cause.

People are also using MMS1 with some success in the treatment of Lyme disease. For a full protocol for Lyme with MMS see the link below. This protocol, with the use of enzymes with MMS1 will enhance the effectiveness of MMS1 with Lyme.

MMS generally costs about $20 for one bottle which can treat a family of four for at least one year, and often much longer. An activator of citric acid is required to use it properly but I have found that 1 to 3 drops of MMS in water will be effective in some cases as it is essentially the same as stabilized oxygen which Jim Humble used to cure his first cases of Malaria. The activation process (using citric acid) was developed becasue stablilized oxygen was found not be effective in all the malaria cases quickly enough. It is suspected that the normal stomach acid activates stabilized oxygen in some people. If stomach acid is deficient, as it is in so many people then MMS1 needs to be activated pre-ingestion, as Jim found out in his attempts to cure a multitude of malaria cases.

Please go to Jim Humble's website for all the details on adminstration of MMS1. There you will also find out about MMS2. Jim Humble experimented on himself with MMS1 by intravenous application with no ill results. He has been taking 6 drops a day for over 5 years.

Your health decision should be your choice, not mandated by governement agency that have political and economic agendas. Educate yourself.

Jim Humble's Website Contains All the Details of MMS1 Use

Read MMS Testimonials Here

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