Flipping Vegas Road to Fame

Flipping Vegas Road to Fame
The popular television channel A&E needed a new show. They needed something different, something with pizzazz, something fun. What could they do? They decided to bring in Scott and Amie Yancey to debut a new show called Flipping Vegas.

Flipping Vegas is about a husband and wife team who are rich and who are out to become even richer by flipping homes. In case you do not know what the term "flipping homes" means, I will explain. Take a dilapidated home that is usually up for auction and foreclosed on. It may be in a bad neighborhood or just need some serious work put into it. Scott and Amie then come in with a construction crew and completely redo the home for as little as possible. They then "flip" the home, and sell it for a large profit.

Scott and Amie were chosen for the show because they are rich, bombastic, silly, and always at each other's throats(Amie's bad nose job doesn't hurt either). The desert landscape of Las Vegas provides a fun atmosphere that just seems magical to anyone that lives there. Las Vegas is opportunities, and the possibility that anything can happen there (and often does!).

They are always getting themselves into all sorts of crazy situations, like possibly running out of money before completing a home, problems with the crew, and sometimes even break ins and burglars. Some of the homes even have gross piles of poop and other unhygienic situations going on. At the end of the day they seem to manage to always get it done, sometimes (mostly) with tears and fighting along the way.

No matter what, they seem to always bring home a profit, and their marriage seems to be intact by the end of the episode. I'm sure the high ratings on A&E don't hurt either! Apparently, thanks to them, the whole "flipping homes" business idea is catching on like wildfire; with people constantly asking them how they can get started as well. Watching the show myself, it was creative and fun, sometimes a little repetitive. It will definitely help you wile away an afternoon, after awhile I just kept focusing on Amie's nose job and hair extensions, but that's beside the point. :)

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