Free Publicity Through Offering Classes

Free Publicity Through Offering Classes
Publicity is a beautiful thing, especially when it's free. Did you know if you do it right publicity will find you? It's all about making yourself an easy target for it. Today we'll talk about an easy and fulfilling way to make that happen.

I've found that my best publicity always comes from my doing what I do best. Whether it's cooking, talking, creating programming you name it, there's a certain magnetic spark that's created when you do your thing and don't hold back.

Let me give you a scenario.

You're a personal chef. My assumption is that you love food and feeding people. If you have anything in common with me, you love to get into the meals and make them so your clients salivate just anticipating dinner time. Why not take that love and passion for cuisine and give a demo at your local community center, church, health food store, and/or at your or a friend's house? It's great in a number of ways.

First, it gives you an opportunity to connect to folks you wouldn't normally connect with to show your services and culinary skills.

Second, it helps you hone your interview or public persona, you'll need that more and more as you place yourself in yourpublic's eye.

Third, it allows you an opportunity to have your finger on the pulse of what folks are looking for in a personal chef. When they ask about dishes, you get an idea of what they like to eat and what to offer on your standard menus.

Fourth, you get the best publicity there is... word of mouth publicity from trusted potential future clients. You can't beat that.

When you give of your knowledge like this you're investing in yourself. You enrich someones life and open the door for a pleasant memory, a warm contact and a strong endorsementand referral. You can't beat it and can 't buy this type of publicity. It's you that they want to buy!

I'm going to give you a quick homework list that I want you to promise yourself you'll do this week...

1. Find someone or something to benefit: a church, community center, youth group, etc. and secure a venue to offer your classes/workshops [a health food store, rec center, church kitchen, etc.].

2. Make it a big to do and tell everyone you can think of. It gets their buy-in and your commitment to giving it your all. Also, whereas the people you tell may not be able to attend, they may know a slew of folk that they think would be perfect fits for your offerings.

3. Put out press releases about it covering every angle and aspect of your event. There are humanitarian, health, environmental, personal aspects, etc. You name it. If it fits, send out a press and news release about it.

4. Make sure you take notes and get feedback. This is crucial. Chances are that if this is your first time out of the box you're going to find a lot of areas you'll need to tighten up, but all along the way you'll be picking up contacts and clients. Then go back to the drawing board.

You're going to want to make sure that you structure into your PC business enough time to pursue growth and this is one of the best ways to do it. It's very personal and has the potential to spread your name like wildfire.

Use this as one of the many free publicity methods we'll discuss in this section.

As always, it's been my pleasure sharing with you these techniques to help you exponentially grow your PC business. Until next time...

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