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Educating Your Clients
Clients are the backbone of your PC business. Without them you don´t have a business, you have a hobby. Client retention is key, so take a few moments to learn how to educate your clients here.

Finding Your Clients
So you´re either becoming a personal chef or you already are one. In this section I´ll give you a number of ways to find your next clients and discuss ways to keep them in your active rolodex.

Food Research
Every chef whether personal or not needs to keep their finger on the pulse of the food industry. Find out what´s going on in the food world, how it affects your clients and your business here.

Food Safety
While preparing food for clients, family and friends you´ve got to adhere to the most stringent food safety practices or you could be literally taking their lives into your hands. Here are your tips.

Food TV
The world´s all a craze about Food TV and so am I. In this section we´ll look at the programming out there and I´ll give you my feedback and insights on how they apply to you and how you can benefit.

Hiring A Personal Chef
Are you unsure what to look for in a personal chef? Let me help you formulate your search criteria and show you some simple techniques on locating and hiring your next personal chef.

Legal Considerations
Starting a business as a personal chef? There are legal considerations you need to know to protect both you and your clientele. Find out what they are here.

Market Research
Do you already know your market? If you know one thing about any market, it´s that it´s always evolving. Discover the market research tips right here to keep up with your personal cheffing business.

Marketing is one of those things that every growing business professional can use to boost their bottom line. The personal cheffing business is no different than the rest of them. Learn how here.

PC Resources
Every personal chef needs to have a list of resources and organizations in their repertoire. It allows for free movement, networking and successful, exponential growth. Get your timeless tips here.

Good recipes and great variations on those recipes are your calling card in the PC industry. I´ll share, interview and report on those mouthwatering recipes that´ll keep you in business here.

From books to DVDs, CDs, magazines, online videos and products, you´ll get an eye and ear-full here to help your personal cheffing business in the reviews section.

Setting Up Your PC Business
Setting up any business can be a tedious and even confusing process. In this subject area you´ll find the items you should most consider to set your personal cheffing business up properly.

Shopping for Your Clients
Find out how and what to plan for, what to get and where to get it to help your personal cheffing business here.

Small Business Information
Personal cheffing is more than just cooking for your clients. You become a business owner, manager, marketer, etc. Learn the many things you need to consider as a new business owner here.

Tools & Equipment
From gadgets to gizmos all of the tools of your personal cheffing trade will be featured here to make your PC life easier.

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