Marvel's Luke Cage on Netflix

Marvel's Luke Cage on Netflix
Netflix is quickly becoming the go-to place for new television series. After successfully launching Marvel’s Daredevil and Jessica Jones, Luke Cage has joined the club. Luke Cake is a series set in the Marvel Universe based on the character named Carl Lucas. Luke made his debut on Jessica Jones as her short-lived love interest. Now Luke has his own show. All three of these shows (and a fourth show, Iron Fist) are leading up to Netflix’s upcoming series, The Defenders.

The first season consisted of 13 episodes and since it’s on Netflix, it can be watched at your leisure. Luke Cage is played by Michael Colter. He is an ex-convict who was framed. While incarcerated, he was forced to participate in jailhouse brawls. The fights lead to him being the subject of scientific experimentation. When one of the experiments went wrong, Luke is able to break out of jail.

It doesn’t take long for him to realize the effects of the experiment. Luke now has superhuman strength and impenetrable skin. Since he is a fugitive he tries to keep a low profile and works as a dishwasher in a nightclub and a handy man in a barbershop. However it isn’t long before he ends up using his powers to help fight crime.

Luke finds a love interest in Claire Temple (played by Rosario Dawson). Claire was also featured in Marvel’s Daredevil series as a love interest. She also popped up in the Jessica Jones series using her nursing talents.

Luke Cage basically starts with 1 villain. Cornell Stokes, nicknamed “Cottonmouth”. However Cottonmouth works with Willis Stryker AKA Diamondback and we soon learn that Diamondback has a pretty big vendetta against Luke as well. He also wants Luke dead.

As the series progresses, Cottonmouth is killed by his sister, Mariah Dillard. Diamondback and Luke face off many times during the series. After the final showdown, Diamondback is knocked out but wakes up in a hospital with a surprise visit from the man who experimented on Luke when he was in prison. Mariah takes over Cottonmouth’s club and his business.

The show is interesting and exciting. The show takes place in Harlem and there is a heavy focus on the culture in Harlem during the 70s.

You can catch all episodes of Luke Cage on Netflix now. (free to download)

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