Finding Time to Sew

Finding Time to Sew
Having so much to do and simply not enough time in which to accomplish everything on our self-assigned task list is often an observation of modern life. Where does time to sew fit into the hustle and bustle of daily life?

Consider the following: scheduling in a daily or weekly schedule some time to sew, plan ahead by de-clutter and organize the sewing workspace for efficiency, consider short bursts of sewing time in place of the all-or-nothing (but longed for) indulgent sewing segments (sigh), create a sewing to-do list since there are few things more satisfying and forward moving than checking off items on that list.

Work-Life Balance and Sewing - by now a worn phrase but pithy in its direction on fitting in everything that is important. Juggling full or part-time work along with family needs, household chores, health attentions, lack of adequate sewing space and the worries of daily life to name just a few can have the effect of a treadmill workout that never ends. For those who love sewing as skilled craft, for its meditative-like relaxation, creative hands-on focus, or sideline necessity giving whatever time can be spared allows for thoughtful growth and purpose, re- charging and re-centering as well as satisfying accomplishment and ultimate success. Finding to time to sew may seem elusive. Creative pursuits give important meaning to life allowing for the necessity of work to be a manageable part of the human condition. So, give yourself permission to take the time to sew.

Time-Management and Sewing - at times it seems like Time manages us with obligations, responsibilities, commitments, priorities, even procrastination all impact the span of daily, weekly, monthly, yearly time allowances. Once obvious top priorities of the day or week are met review what small segments of time may be revealed by having a to-do written list with small sewing tasks that need attention and where to fit them in. Many sewing tasks do not require intensive spans of time. Reading over pattern instructions, hemming that skirt or slacks, sew on a needed button, attend to a sewing UFO (UnFinished Object), tackle a seam that needs the attention of a seam ripper, or view a sewing tutorial for how-to and inspiration, for example. Often tackling a small sewing task leads to breaking through the inertia that can settle contemplating the many steps it would take to finish that now daunting sewing project.

Time-Honored Sewing Tips - thread the sewing machine with the presser foot in the up position to disengage the tension disks so spooled thread can be guided easily, use a ball point needle for knits, sharp pointed (usually Universal) needle for wovens to aid in avoiding skipped or puckered stitches, replace sewing machine needles after many hours of stitching since the needle will pierce fabric many thousands of time and can become dull. Never sew over pins. Most times, Iron seams open after stitching. Heavy washers or nuts make great pattern weights. Make a hemline tool out of cardstock or poster board to create even-depth all around the hemline for pressing accuracy.

Remembering the oldest of sewing idioms are actually comments on life as well: a stitch in time saves nine, hanging on by a thread, threads of similarity, a common thread, threadbare, difficult as finding a needle in a haystack, the modern age discussion thread and so many more are indelibly woven into the English language. No regrets needed when making time to sew.

Sew happy, sew inspired.

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