Gingerbread Cookie in Illustrator - The Cookie

Gingerbread Cookie in Illustrator - The Cookie
In this tutorial, we will draw a gingerbread cookie in IllustratorR and learn a little about rounding corners.

Of course, gingerbread cookies come in all shapes and sizes. As Christmas is just a few weeks away, we could make a tree, angle, stocking, man, mitten or a star. If you need help drawing a cookie shape, we can use one of the drawing tools in Illustrator. Let's use the Star tool to draw our star shaped cookie.

  1. Start a new document and draw a star shape with the Star tool.

    Now, we can color our star. Let's make this a gingerbread cookie and set the color to a medium brown.

  2. With the shape selected, set the Stroke to Null and the Fill to #b6814e.

    By default, the star has sharp points but a cookie does not. So, let's round the corners a little. We could make manual adjustments to each corner with the Direct Selection tool. But let's do it the easy way by using the Round Corners command.

  3. Select the star and click Effect - Stylize - Round Corners. Turn on the Preview and set the Radius as needed for the size of your star.

    Once you have the best shape, we can finalize the shape with the Expand Appearance command.

  4. With the star still selected, click Object - Expand Appearance.

    You should see more anchor points added to smooth the shape.

    Now that we have our shape looking more like a cookie, let's add some dimension with a shadow. We can use the Pathfinder to cut a perfect shadow shape from the original cookie shape.

  5. With the cookie still selected, click Edit - Copy and then Edit - Paste to make a copy of the shape. Click Edit - Paste again to paste a second copy and drag that copy over the first and slightly upward.

    Tip: Set the top shape to a white Fill, making it easier to see both star shapes.

    Now, let's use Pathfinder to cut away the top shape, leaving only the edge shape. This will become our shadow.

  6. Select both the brown and white cookie shapes. In the Pathfinder, click the Minus Front icon. This will cut away the white star shape, leaving only the brown area that is showing beyond the white shape.

    The result is three shadow shapes grouped together. Let's change the color to a darker brown.

  7. With the group selected, set the Fill shape to #905528. Drag the shadow shape over the top of the original cookie.

Now, our cookie is ready for decorating.


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