Rebelle Digital Stamp Feature

Rebelle Digital Stamp Feature
In this tutorial, we will learn about how digital stamps work in Rebelle, the new realistic digital painting software. The most common type of file for a digital stamp is the .png file because it allows for a transparent background for the stamp. We have two options for using digital stamps in Rebelle. For both methods, the stamp .png file contains the line art on this transparent background.

Import Stamp PNG to Layers Panel

Our first option is to import the stamp .png file in to Rebelle using the File menu. This will put the stamp on a new layer in the Layers panel and the line art will be black or the color of the original file. From there, we can paint on a layer below the stamp layer, to color the stamp with any of the Rebelle painting tools.

  1. From the top Menu, click File - Import and choose the .png file (see screenshot).

  2. You will see the .png image on a new layer in the Layers panel above the default Layer 1.

  3. Rename Layer 1 to "paint" (see screenshot) and color the stamp using the Rebelle Watercolor, Marker, Acrylic or other tool.

Import Stamp PNG to Stencils Panel

With traditional stamps, we have the option to use any stamp ink color and are not limited to black line art. In order to keep this flexibility, we can import the stamp .png file in to the Stencils panel. The line art in the stamp will become the stencil. From this point, we can fill in the line art with any color. Then, again, we would color the stamp on a layer below.

  1. From the Stencils panel menu, choose Create Stencil from Image File (see screenshot).

  2. Choose the stamp .png file. You will see the file's thumbnail added at the top of the Stencils panel.

  3. Click on the thumbnail to add the stamp to the canvas (see screenshot). It will be added to the default Layer 1. Rename the layer to "stamp".

  4. Use the floating menu controls (see screenshot) to resize and position the stamp as you like.

    As you can see, the line art from the stamp has been turned in to a line art stencil. We can use any Rebelle painting tool to "stamp" the line art image on the layer. Let's paint the pumpkin line art in black. But, we will paint the grass and curly vines in green. We will use a very dry Watercolor tool.

  5. Select the Watercolor tool (see screenshot) and set the Size to 50, Pressure and Loading to 100 and the Water to 1. Set the brush shape to Round and the Color to black.

  6. Now, paint the line art for the pumpkin (see screenshot).

  7. Switch to the green color #00B72D and paint the other details (see screenshot).

    Once you've painted the stamp line art, add a new layer in the Layers panel for painting the stamp.

  8. Click the Plus icon at the bottom of the Layers panel to add a new layer. Rename this layer "paint" and drag it under the stamp layer (see screenshot).

    If you wish to try this method for yourself, follow the links below for the stamp download and step-by-step tutorials.

Using Digital Stamps & Digital Markers in Rebelle
Coloring a Digi Stamp in Rebelle with Markers

Screenshots used by permission of Escape Motions, s.r.o.

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