Richard Branson Loves Tea

Richard Branson Loves Tea
Richard Branson loves tea. Self-confessed, he has simple tastes. Richard Branson is the founder of The Virgin Group, he is an investor, an inventor, and a philanthropist. He is a business entrepreneur, who at the young age of sixteen (16), started a magazine called Student, Branson is the self-made man who is currently worth 5.1 Billion dollars!

One thing that he has in common with other billionaires is that they all have regular routines every day and they do not deviate from them. Branson calls himself a “daily routine doer”. He sticks to routines because he says that it is what successful people do. For him though, he wants the routine, but he doesn’t want it to become mundane.

His routine goes something like this:

Richard Branson gets up every morning at 5 a.m. every day, and then he does a morning “exercise”. This exercise will never be the same, remembering that he doesn’t want to ever get bored; here is a list of things that Mr. Branson inserts into his very early morning routine (yoga, walking, biking, tennis, dancing, and kitesurfing). Sounds fun. The next thing he does is connect with his family by spending good quality time together staying connected.

Now starting during his connection time he’ll begin to drink tea. He loves to stay energized and he claims tea is where he gets his energy. Now, here’s the most interesting fact, Mr. Branson is known to drink over (20) twenty cups of tea! He loves English Breakfast Tea and takes it with just a splash of milk and no sugar. Though, he does drink this amount of tea throughout the entire day. After he is done with his connection time, he’ll do his writing and finally, he goes to bed to 11 p.m. each night.

While most people could possibly achieve his scheduled routine, most of us would not want to nor be able to drink (20) twenty cups of tea each day! In many of his interviews regarding this, he states, please don’t let my doctor know.

It is known that the inclusion of tea is a healthy option to include in our daily diets, but most doctors and studies agree that even tea drinking should be done in moderation as is most acceptable with most things.

Mr. Branson’s daily schedule also includes reading and writing and blogging.

In his reading he came across a doctor named Dr. Stuart Farrimond, he appeared on a BBC television show, and caught Branson’s curiosity. He is a medical doctor turned science educator, writer and author on communications through health science. He experiments and tests and found that we “taste” with our eyes first. If our eyes are pleased the doctor knew that our foods and drinks ultimately taste better. He discovered also, that red containers are more flavorful and do not need sugar in the drink for example. Which brings me back to the (20) twenty cups of tea….

Branson’s signature color for his Virgin Company is none other than red! Mr. Branson tells us in his blog that he’d drink tea on his island or in Antarctica, no matter what. Finally, Mr. Branson says that tea gives him a moment to stop and think without being distracted. He has the chance to chat with friends, bounce ideas around, and just sit and simply be.

Tea is a great healthful drink and could cause great serenity and who knows, if one drinks it from a red mug you might even be onto the next big idea! Happy tea drinking.

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