Color and the Ethnic Beauty

Color and the Ethnic Beauty
There was a time when color ruled! Then black became the uniform color for all apparel. The little black dress will never be removed as the wardrobe staple, but sometimes, you need a little color!

Let's face it, we can all wear black and look chic. But can you put on a red dress and still command the attention of a chic black dress? Absolutely. The color red itself says stop, look at me, here I am. The simpler the style the better.

Red is not the only color making its way into our closets these days, canary yellow, oceanic turquoise, regal purple, cool copper, hot pink or fuchsia and burnt orange are just some of the best of the brightest when it comes to adding color to your wardrobe.

You'll see the biggest display of color in your eye shadows and nail polish. The next place you'll see it is in your accessories. While nothing will replace the black suede pump or stiletto, adding a red suede shoe to your wardrobe is priceless.

You can pair them with leather, wool or even a pair of jeans. Got great legs, a short leather skirt and red suede pumps will have you stepping with confidence. Feeling more casual, jeans and a boyfriend shirt or cashmere sweater will answer the call. Lunch with the girls or your significant other, pair your red suede pumps with a pair of tailored wool pants and top of your choice and be the envy of all those watching as you enter the room.

Color and Your Emotions

Color brings life to your world. Did you know that there's an entire science dedicated to the art of color. Here's a short list of emotions that colors are known to invoke.

Red - Passion, aggressive, sensuality and attention. When red is paired up to its lighter side, your get the spectrum of fuchsia to light pink. This softens the intense jolt of red to a more subtle sensuality.

Yellow - Friendly, warm, happy on the lighter side. When yellow is paired down to it's darker side you get gold giving you a sense of royalty or antiquity.

Green - Natural, prosperous , money

Blue - Trustworthy, serene and calm. When blue is used in its darker hues, one thinks more of security aspects or somberness. Websites use blue to build trust, when you think of Facebook or Twitter, thousands of people spend hours a day sharing their personal images and information. That's trust. When used in apparel, it's a color that radiates authority, power, control.

Purple - Royal, luxurious, mysterious. Using the color purple you can create a sense of elegance or high end appeal.

Black - Power, sophistication, elegance, mystery and edgy. The color of choice in apparel when you really want to exude confidence. Style and choice of silhouette will play an extremely important role in apparel.

Accessories are the best way to introduce color into your world of fashion and to test how it makes you feel when wearing it. A scarf, bracelet, belt or handbag is easier than stepping out in a bold yellow dress, not knowing how yellow will make you feel.

That's it for this week. Transition into the next season, experimenting with color, you might learn something new about yourself. As always ...

Dedicated To Your Beauty,

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