Green Tea/Matcha Sugar Scrub

Green Tea/Matcha Sugar Scrub
While matcha and green tea are fabulous to drink, did you know that many beauty products will include this ingredient? The beauty industry has been actually touting the “tea” in their products, in fact, using it as a selling point.

Matcha powder has the highest concentration of naturally occurring antioxidants, followed by green tea. Matcha powder is the pulverization of the whole leaf of tea; no oxidation takes place in the harvesting. Green tea uses the leaf but is left to dry in the sun in the first level of oxidation. Matcha powder is very stark green, while green tea is more “kelly green” in color.

Both teas do contain very helpful naturally occurring chemicals called polyphenols and they contain catechins and the catechins are filled with EGCG. These chemicals will fight and trap free radicals, inflammation and combat redness. All of these good chemicals actually help with anti-aging and even aid in the reversal of sun damage. When applied to the skin, the tea begins a detox of the skin nearly immediately. The tea’s properties will help the look and feel of enlarged pores. Some claim that with extended use of tea in a facial, that even dark colored sun spots will disappear. Tea will help your skin glow

The sun is harsh and the end of summer brings skin that has been over-exposed and perhaps rough and filled with dryness. To help you lightly exfoliate and add moisture to your skin, try a facial/body scrub. I have one that you can make yourself for pennies at home and you may even have the ingredients on hand!

This Sugar scrub can be used with matcha or with just green tea. This is a very easy recipe to make and can be done making it in minutes.

Green Tea/Matcha Sugar Scrub


.green tea or matcha tea powder (start with 1 TBSP; can use up to 2 TBSP)
.coconut oil ¼ Cup
.white sugar ¾ Cup
.optional tea bag or add (large leaf loose tea this will make your recipe course DO NOT use on face)


In a small bowl combine the ¼ c of the coconut oil and about 1 Tbsp. of the Matcha or green tea
and mix this well. Here one can add the loose leaf tea at this time. Mix well again.

Next, add sugar a bit at a time and mix. Continue until all sugar is mixed in and a “chunky” appearance is had. Feel the texture and if it is a greasy feel, please add a tad more green or match tea. The mixture should “ball up” in your fingers now. You can continue to adjust the recipe if it isn’t what consistency that you might like. Once you have the consistency, put into a pretty container or Ball jar. These can even be made as gifts.

A few tips on usage and life of product.

*If you add the optional course green loose leaf, this scrub will be too course for the face, please use this on the body only.
*Remember that this is a fresh made recipe; it will last if kept in a tightly sealed ball jar or container.

*It is recommended that it should not be stored in the actual shower because of the heat changes and possible water getting inside of your container. This will shorten the life of the product.

*If your product continually is separating from each other, you’ll need to replace it.

*These truly can make adorable Christmas/birthday or bridal shower presents or favors. Instill your newly made sugar scrub into a pretty bottle or ball jar and dress them in ribbons. (Make sure the container is air tight.)

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