Drop Earrings - Daniela Mendola

Drop Earrings - Daniela Mendola
Daniela Mendola's Drop Earrings

drop earring by Daniela Mendola

Daniela's earrings are so cute and easy to tat up. This pattern has but 2 rings and a chain. The earrings are beaded. The beads are not on the picots as is often the case.
example of bead over a picot and on a picot

Instead the beads are placed on the core thread. This causes the picot to be situated so that the beads are sitting between the legs of the picot.

Here is an example of the beads sitting on the core thread, aka down beads, versus beads on the picots, aka up beads.

up and down beads examples by Mary Donahue from the tutorial on Nine Libin's beadwork>
Suggested materials:
Perl? coton, pearl cotton, #8
2 shuttles
crochet hook
13 small beads and 1 big bead
2 earring hooks

Ring = R
Chain = CH
double stitch = ds
picot = p
Close = clr
CTM = continuous thread method

Wind a shuttle and load 1 small bead, 1 big bead and 12 small beads. Wind CTM. (Wind first shuttle, then load the beads, then continue with the thread to winding it on the second shuttle.
Move the small beads onto the second shuttle.

Using shuttle 1:
R of 10ds - slide the big bead - 10ds, this causes the picot thread to arch over the bead clr.
R of 10ds - slide up a small bead - 10ds, this causes the picot thread to arch over the bead clr.
Do not reverse work.
CH of 3ds - * slide 1 small bead creating a picot as before - 2ds.* Repeat from * to * 10 more times - slide the last bead - 3ds. Cut and secure ends.
drop earring by Daniela Mendola

Work another earring and add the hooks.

Adding more or fewer beads, using more thtn one color bead, even using a large dangling bead could add even more excitement to Daniel's earrings.

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