Ethnic Beauty and The Beauty Industry

Ethnic Beauty and The Beauty Industry
I was recently asked about the beauty industry and the growing need for Ethnic Beauty products. It brought to mind an article I'd written a year ago. Thought I'd share it with you this week.

Whether you're African American, Hispanic, Latino, Asian or Indian, you're categorized as being in the Ethnic Market in the Beauty Industry.  Ok, so why can't you find make up and skin care that fits your particular needs.  It's been a long time coming but the industry is just beginning to recognize that as a woman (man) of color, you have special needs and I'm not talking short yellow bus needs.

Because of the magnificent gift of melanin, (you know, that pigment cell that gives you your radiant bronze glow), your skin care needs will always be different.  If you so much as breathe on your skin the wrong way, you'll see a dark spot.  Eat the wrong foods and acne will become your best friend.  Yes, acne can be triggered by foods that you eat.

So what do you do?  You do your home work!  There are companies like NYRAJU  Skin Care and others,  that take pride in providing you with hair and skin care products that are made with love and care.  There are big brands that have more money, can produce a new product, bring it to market, put celebrity backing behind it and tell you it's for your skin but is it really for your skin?  Often there is too much alcohol. Some alcohol is necessary but not to the point of drying your skin out and causing other problems.  Then there are treatments that are recommended, such as laser treatments, that can cause severe damage to your skin if not performed by a trained professional that understands the cellular composition of Ethnic skin.

What's The Fastest Growing Market in the Beauty Industry?

The Ethnic Skin Care market is the fastest growing market in the beauty industry.  We spend 80% more on cosmetics and nearly twice as much on skin care.  You're even expected to out grow baby boomers as a critical growth demographic when it comes to beauty products, so why are there still less that 1% of new beauty products addressing your needs?

When you're shopping for your cosmetics, personal care, hair and skin care products, give ethnic owned companies that are working hard to meet your specific needs a chance to serve and assist you with your skin and hair care needs. That's it for this week. As always ...

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