Lip Balms Chocolate Style

Lip Balms Chocolate Style
We all like the idea of having kissable lips. What makes this possible? Ingredients found in your beauty products of course. It's a known fact that lipsticks have all kind of synthetic ingredients and have been known to do damage to your lips, such as drying the out or causing irritations. As we move into the cooler months, I always look for lip balms to try or make so that I can keep my lips from chapping and cracking.

Natural products like those made with Cocoa butter and macadamia nut oil can help you create a lip balm that not only works well in moisturizing, but it can also smell oh-so-good. Have you ever noticed that cocoa butter smell like chocolate? I?m going to share a recipe that I found using the combination of cocoa butter and macadamia nut oil. The creator made the distinction of how macadamia nut oil actually smells like nuts and other oils such as almond, hazelnut and walnut oils smell smell like oil. Try your own smell test, I did. What a difference!

The recipe is one that was provided by Marie Rayma. You can find out more about her at her website:

Okay, Here goes ... Chocolate Macadamia Nut Lip Balm

You Will Need:

small saucepan
0.14 oz candelilla wax
0.25 oz cocoa butter
0.14 oz babassu oil
0.32 oz macadamia nut oil
Small glass heat resistant measuring cup
0.35 oz vitamin E oil
Silicone spatula
lip tubes/tins - This recipe yields 6 tubes

How To Make:

Combine the candelilla wax, cocoa butter, babassu oil and macadamia nut oil into the small glass heat resistant measuring cup. Sit this into a double boiler and slowly allow it to heat and melt the ingredients. After about 20 minutes or so, remove the container from the water bath and dry off the bottom with a towel. Stir in the vitamin E oil with the silicone spatula and blend together.

Pour the lip balm into the tubes. Let it sit to solidify for about 20 - 30 minutes before placing the cap on it. Before applying any labels be sure to wipe the tubs with a paper towel to remove an excess oil, wax or water.

This lip balm is 100 percent oil based, so it doesn?t require a list of preservatives to ward off bacteria. When kept is a cool and fry place, it should last at least a year before the oil goes rancid. If you?re anything like me, it will be used on a daily basis and will never see years end.

The creator provides notes that are important.

- Do not swap out the cocoa butter for any other butter. This is a specific recipe for cocoa butter and macadamia nut oil.

- If you notice your bale begins to smell like old crayons or old nuts, trash it.

- You can use refined coconut oil instead of babassu oil.

- This recipe does not need an essential oil. However, if you decide you?d like to use one, she suggest it be something that compliments the cocoa butter such as vanilla. You would add it the same time you add the vitamin E oil.

That?s it for this week. As always ...

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