It's a New Year Ethnic Beauties!

It's a New Year Ethnic Beauties!
It's a New Year Ethnic beauty! Some of you begin your new year with your birthday. Other's of you are more traditional and begin January 1 of every year with most other people. Either way, there are always resolutions that are made when it comes to health, wellness and finances.

You promise yourself to eat better, loose those extra pounds and save more money this time around. Sounds great, right? Can you do it without a plan? I don't think so. Some of you will choose, Weight Watcher's, other's the Whole30, Lean Cuisine or Nutri System. What ever your choice, know that you must "Commit" in order to see results.

The Best Way to Health and Wellness

The best way to health and wellness is to eat lots of real foods, green foods, drink plenty of clean water (alkaline, distilled or spring) and get your rest. There was a time when your doctor would tell you that rest is your best healer. It still is, it's just that as humans, especially in the U.S., we're driven to be on the move all the time. Take a break to slow things down and you're labeled as lazy.

Call me lazy, I don't care. I've learned that I'm not a robot, can't be all things to all people and I no longer try. My greatest accomplishment to date for the New Year, is learning to say, No! If I'm asked to do something and it makes me want to throw up, guess what? I don't do it. Your approach might be completely different, but until you learn to put your health and wellness first, you're going to be in trouble.

Foods for Better Health and Wellness

Protein - Look for words like 100% grass -fed, wild caught and organic. You've read about this before. You know to avoid processed meats, MSG and sulfites.

Vegetables - You can eat just about all vegetables ... bell peppers, broccoli, brussels sprouts butternut squash, green beans, onions, okra, spinach, kale and collards ... just to name a few. Notice ... you did not see corn, peas or lima beans. They can be belly busters.

Fruits - Apples, bananas, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, watermelon, raspberries, pears, lime, mango and lemons. These are some of the best choices for helping to keep your colon clean.

Herbs & Spices - Basil, cumin, nutmeg, garlic powder, curry powder chipotle powder, cilantro, ginger, lemongrass, black peppercorns and allspice. They'll help make your dish more flavorful.

Fats for Cooking and Eating - Ghee, coconut oil, extra-virgin oil, palm oil, avocado oil, sesame oil. Lite in texture and full of vitamins, minerals and good fats for your system.

Okay ethnic beauties, this should get you started on your New Year's journey to health and wellness. Whether it's to loose a pound or two, or to get more beauty sleep. It'll get you off to a great start.

That's it for this week. As always ...

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