What Are The Best Hair Styles for Textured Hair

What Are The Best Hair Styles for Textured Hair
Textured hair styles have been with us for ages. What are the best? That's up for debate. Especially if you're an ethnic beauty of African decent. Although the term textured hair is used now to describe your beautiful locks, it wasn't always the case.

Your tight curls were once described as nappy, unattractive and down right ugly. The sad thing is that African Americans used these terms to describe their own hair. It was a learned behavior, one taught to minimize your natural beauty.

You have to understand that trauma breeds all kind of insecurities. What seems to be forgotten, is that your kinky, curly, coiled hair is how you came to the planet. Why would you be embarrassed about something that is so natural to you.

Changing the Way You View Your Crown

Yes, your textured hair is often referred to as your Crown. Crowns are made to adorn the hair and face of the wearer.

Your hair is so versatile, it can be braided into actual sculptured crowns on top of your head. Speaking of a Crown. The Crown Act is a law that was passed in 2019 enabling natural hair to be worn in the work place. No longer do you have to straighten your hair in order to go and work in the job environment.

Ethnic Beauties, your hair is the only hair that grows out of your head and salutes the Sun. I'm referring to the Afro in that statement. No one's hair on the planet can salute the Sun but yours.

Walk into a dark room and the touch and texture of your hair will identify your presence at once. No one on the planet has that distinction.

Styles for Textured Hair

I've mentioned braids and Afro's. Let's go a bit deeper.

Braids are interlaced strands of hair that create different styles on your head. Although they are worn by more than Ethnic Women, they are very much associated with women of color.

In African countries, braids can symbolize wealth, marital status, age and rank in the family structure. They also keep your head cool in hot climates.

The Afro became extremely popular in the late 60’s early 70’s. It symbolized pride and made a statement of refusing to assimilate into the status quo. It represented a link to West and Central Africa, paying homage to African Ancestors.

Worn by men and women, it was a sign of pride in ones culture often forming a halo around the face of the wearer.

Natural Hair has become a term that refers to unprocessed hair, that's worn in different hair styles. Box braids, two strand twist, bantu knots and of course dread locks all fall in the category of natural.

Confirmation of Acceptance

For many of you this is not new information. For others, the information is a confirmation of acceptance and pride in textured hair. An article doesn't do this subject justice. A book would be more fitting, for starters.

As for the best hair styles for textured hair, I don't know if there are any. You can try them all and choose your favorite. That's the beauty of textured hair, it gives you versatility.

That's it for this week. As always ...

Dedicated To Your Beauty,

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