Superheroes And Dads

Superheroes And Dads
We all know that a father is a son’s first hero but did you know that a father is a daughter’s first love and hero. He may not be a super hero but he is super. Your dad may not be superman but he is a super man. However, I think that one could argue the case let’s compare.

Dads can do anything – Superman can do anything

With the help of the internet and how to books dad’s can really do anything. He can almost fix anything and to neighborhood kids your dad can be known as the Mr. Fix it! By making good attempts to fix and repair you show her that she can also do anything. In the case of superman he can do anything.

Dads are always there when you need him – Superman is too

As a dad I know that there will be times when they can’t physically be there but they can be there in thought. There will be times when your daughter will question her character – and you won’t be there to direct her decision. However, the only way you can influence her decisions is to be there for her now. And superman, in a sense I think he's the same way.

The one thing that cannot be agued is that you’ve never seen your dad and superman in the same room. Hmmm!

To all the men that are dad figures when needed. To all of the men that make good attempts to be a dad but just didn’t know how, but hung in there anyway. To the dad’s that’s there when your daughter needs you the most. And finally, to all the mom’s that are both the mother and the father because you have to. Thanks for being you. Thanks for being a great parent.

What heroic actions are you taking to be your daughter’s super-parent? What would your superhero name be and what is the one super power you would possess?

A note to remember: girls will draw a conclusion about what men are like by the men in her life. Her years of growing will include how the men in her life will treat her or her mother. So, how does this all come together? A daughter needs to be the best she can be – you are a big part of this process.

Your interaction in her growing years will reflect how she interacts and responds to the male gender in general. A teacher, a classmate, a coach, a boyfriend, a husband etc… Help change the world by helping her. She will be able to succeed one day because you helped her get there. Inspire the superhero in her because of who you are - the best superhero that she knows! Keep in mind that all parental powers may differ. And keep in mind you people you still haven't seen dad and superman in the same room, hmmm!

Live, Laugh and Love
“Making a difference in the world one person at a time”

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