How Do You Get Awesome Beauty From Within?

How Do You Get Awesome Beauty From Within?
Awesome beauty from within, that's the goal. Ever wonder why you can't get rid of those zits and breakouts on your skin? Could it be that the foods you're eating aren't nourishing and nurturing your body?

Yes and Yes would be the answer to those questions. None of us like hearing we can't have a slice of our favorite desert. Or a butter croissant warmed in the oven with added jam.

Everything about those two items says carbs, carbs and more carbs. I like my home made pound cake, especially around holiday time. Not only is it good, it's soothing to my spirit. My mother was a master at baking and pound cakes were her favorite. They remind me of her. She said they were quick and easy.

My introduction to croissant came when I moved to New York City. While everyone else was ordering bagels, the croissant was my bread choice and still is, when I have bread.

As with all things in life, there's change. I began to notice I was feeling sluggish as the years went by. Therefore, my eating habit had to change. With this change, my skin began to take on a different glow.

Change the Way You Eat for Awesome Beauty From Within

While it might sound simple, food and water play a major role in your health and appearance. The simplicity might be what throws most people off. Humans have a way of complicating things only to realize they could have gotten faster results by keeping things simple.

The key elements with food is to listen to your body. It will tell you what's good for it and what isn't. Too much sugar, too many carbs and you'll feel drained. Too much salt and some of you will get dizzy.

Not enough water or green foods in your meal plan and you could possibly feel dehydrated.

There are a thousand and one diet plans you could follow. However, the simplest plan would be to learn what makes you feel energetic when you consume a meal. The less meat you consume, the better you will possibly feel. Unless you're running your own farm and know what you're feeding your livestock, you don't know what you're getting from the market.

It's been shown time and time again that the meats sold on the market are plumped with hormones. These hormones mix with your hormones and you've now got a breading ground for skin eruptions. Why? Because your body will reject what isn't natural to it.

Its exit route is through your skin. Hence, pimples, breakouts and uneven skin tones. Couple that with not enough water and it will flare up even more so. What ever goes in has to come out. Meats will often constipate a lot of you, you just didn't realize it was the meat. If you're going to include meat make sure it's grass-fed or wild caught if it's fish.

A Good Meal Plan for Awesome Beauty From Within

Did you know that the less you eat the better you will look and feel. Intermittent fasting is the new diet craze along with the Keto Diet. When you get to know your body, you'll be able to develop your own plan and will see great results.

Things to include when developing a meal plan:

•Half your body's weight in water

•Lots of green foods, raw and steamed in season

•whole grains, Quinoa

•Fresh fruits in season



You will need to do the work. Only you know what works for your body. Take this list, go through a food chart and build a meal plan for yourself. Test new things and add to tried and true things. This will provide you with variety. Use it to establish what works for you in the basic food groups. If you're allergic to dairy, try nut milks or skip milk all together. You can certainly get your vitamin D from other sources. The sun perhaps?

In addition to your meal plan, you'll need to get at least eight hours sleep. You'll also need to add an exercise regimen to your list.

Okay, that's it for this week. Get to work. Let us know in the Ethnic Beauty Forum how things worked out for you.

Dedicated to Your Beauty,

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