How to Know Your Body is Giving Away Your Age

How to Know Your Body is Giving Away Your Age
Is your body giving away your age? If you're maturing, you get to speak. If you're 20 or 30 anything, keep quiet and keep living. You have nothing to complain about.

Your late forties will begin to speak to you about how well you're maturing. Every part of you will begin to speak. Your mirror becomes your friend and enemy on given days. It all depends on what the reflection is telling you.

You begin to talk more to yourself about what you see. Is this warranted or is it valid?

Who's saying what to you?

Let's Have a Conversation With Your Body Parts

Who wants to go first? Your hands speak: Okay, I'll start!

Your hands begin to tell you just how much you use them on a daily basis. Not only do you use them, oftentimes you don't even cleanse them. And, when you do, it's a trickle of water and a quick wipe. That's before the COVID pandemic arrived.

Now you wash thoroughly, at least most of you do. Guess what, you don't even bother to moisturize after each wash. What happens? Your hands can have more sagging skin than your jawline, not to mention dryness and sun spots.

How many of you use sunscreen on your hands? Your hands get more sun exposure than your face does when you're driving.

Do your Eyes still have it? That extra layer of skin on top of your lid would suggest that gravity is creeping in more areas than you'd think. Let's not forget the crows feet showing up on the sideline.

Thinking of buying more eye creams and serums? If so, when applying them, dabble or pat, don't pull and tug the thin skin around your eyes. It will only magnify the condition.

Mouth speaks! Please minimize the use of straws. Did you know that the sucking and pursing your lips adds fine lines around your mouth? The same thing happens when you smoke or vape for that matter. Not to mention the film the smoke causes on your skin.

Breast want to get in on the conversation. Do your girls still stand at attention? The skin that keeps them standing tall will begin to degrade as you mature. Did you know that your breast have ligaments that begin to slacken as time a gravity ease in on you. One way to help is to have a good bra and a total-body weight routine to increase your chest muscles. This will help maintain a firm foundation.

Your Neck and Jowls don't want to be left out of the conversation. Trying to cover your neck and jowls with a turtleneck, during the exact moment of a hot flash, will probably provide you with a true moment in hell.

Remember the movie "Something's Gotta Give?" Diane Keaton spent a lot of time in turtlenecks ... during the summer.

Unless you're willing to have invasive surgery, your jowls and neck will possibly become united. Remember to hold you head up. Hold your phone high when reading and keep your shoulders squared and held back.

What can you do when you know your body is giving away your age?

Live life to the fullest. For some of you, it's the best time of your life. For other's, how about making it the best time of your life. Don't complain. Embrace what you have, work with it and give it your best. You'll be happy you did.

That's it for this week. As always ...

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