How Food Works for Beauty and Wellness

How Food Works for Beauty and Wellness
Food for beauty and wellness. It’s amazing Ethnic Beauties, how what you eat, has a direct correlation on how you look and feel. Yes the foods you eat can enhance your beauty and your health.

Believe it or not, what you eat is just as important as when you eat it. Food is the main component to keeping your body healthy. The same applies to your beauty. Your body works with an internal rhythm. When your rhythm is off, so is your health.

Instinctively, you know that fruit and nuts are a better snack than chips and fries. And part of you knows that, the earlier you eat the better. You also know don’t immediately lay down right after you eat.

Oftentimes, these "rules" don’t always work. You can't always eat early because you work a night shift. Therefore, your mealtimes will be late at night. You're also so tired a lot of times, until you fall asleep right after you finish.

Some would say the falling asleep part is due to the food you just consumed. Others will say, that falling asleep was inevitable because fatigue had consumed your body.

What to Eat When You’re Challenged With Fatigue

In order not to take in energy pumping foods to fast, that will have you crash and burn, it’s best to eat foods that provide slow energy release.

Salmon, avocados and nuts are perfect for this. When consumed for breakfast, avocado toast allows you to get your day with healthy fat and fiber.

You’ve all been told that protein is a necessary part of a good healthy eating regimen. If you’re a meat eater and want your protein to come via flesh, chicken, turkey or fish will be a good choice. The key is to eat your protein early in the day.

You can also get your protein from beans and nuts. They are excellent for energy.

If you're looking for an energy boost without the crash, your fruits and whole grains will serve your well.

Why To Eat To Insure Beautiful Skin and Hair

A lot of your skin challenges exist because of inflammation in your body. Inflammation signals that you’re fighting off something that shouldn’t be there. When you have challenges with inflammation, your skin will often tell you that there is a challenge.

Two of these challenges are eczema and psoriasis. Poison oak, poison ivy, even stress, are signs and symptoms of inflammation in your body.

When you're eating to quell inflammation, you'll want fruits and vegetables in all colors on your plate. This will enable you to get a wide range of vitamins and nutrients. Vitamin C is your immune supporting vitamin and you’ll find it in your citrus fruits.

Healthy fats found in salmon, walnuts and olive oil, in a beautiful salad, might be the most powerful meal combination that you can have. Greek or island yogurt bacteria has been known to help replenish your healthy gut bacteria.

When to Eat ...

Your heaviest meals should be eaten at mid-day or no later than 7:00 pm, providing you're on a day schedule. If you’re operating on a night schedule, you would adjust the timeline so that you don't crash at work.

This information is to get you thinking about what you eat and when you eat it. Remember, the choices you make about your food intake will affect your beauty and your wellness.

That's it for this week.

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