How to Break the Sugar Habit for Better Health

How to Break the Sugar Habit for Better Health
Sugar got you fien'n? I once had an herbalist tell me that a sugar addiction was worse than a heroin addiction. I can't speak on heroin, but sugar has become a big nemesis in my life. I love a sweet treat.

Here's the thing about's in everything. Your condiments, salad dressings and your favorite breads. Without a doubt, your juices, even the so called healthy ones have a lot of sugar.

Did you know that the average American takes in 57 pounds of added sugar a year? This much sugar opens you up to heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

Sugar is a carbohydrate. It contains carbon, hydrogen and oxygen molecules. These carbs are digested and broken down into glucose. This gives your body a preferred source of energy throughout your body. If your glucose levels drops too low, this can hinder your brain power, causing fatigue and can even make you shaky.

Stop right here. You'd think once you find out this is taking place in your body, you'd stop. You can't stop because you're craving it. How do you stop the cravings?

5 Ways to Hopefully Help You Stop Your Sugar Cravings

1. Listen to Your Body — Do you need an energy boost? Are you bored? Are you stressed? If you're on vacation and you haven't had an Eclair in 3 years, get one and enjoy it. They make them in mini sizes or you can share one with family or friends.

2. Keep a Journal of What You Eat - This might sound like a lot of work, yet it can be the foundation for how you begin to eat less sugar.

3. Say No Thank You to Sugar Offers - Mom baked a sour cream pound cake. How do you say no thank you to that? Let mom know you're working on cutting back sugar intake and you need her help by putting the pound cake away.

Pellegrino or seltzer water when out with your friends is a great substitute for sugary cocktails. You're there to enjoy their company, not keep up with how many cocktails you have.

4. Develop Healthy Habits Other Than Food - Your sleep habits are just as important as your eating habits. So is drinking lots of water and getting 30 minutes of exercise a day.

These healthy habits can give you the boost of energy you need to get through your day without a sugar fix.

5. Don't Beat Yourself Up - Rome wasn't built in a day. If you fall pray to a craving or urging, give yourself a break. Enjoy your sweet treat and begin a new tomorrow.

As you discover why you're craving sweet treats or hot bread slathered in butter and jam, it will become easier to control your urge. Start right where you are and begin to ween yourself off the sugar roller coaster.

That's it for this week.

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