Extra Space, Do You Have a Built in Get-a-Way?

Extra Space, Do You Have a Built in Get-a-Way?
Extra Space. I woke up this morning with She Sheds on my mind. I'd dreamed about them off and on the night before. Typically when a dream is recurring, I pay attention. Stay with me.

She Sheds have represented a type of get-a-way from your home. You know the spot, where you have a piece of land to set-up a free-standing dwelling. What if you don't have a plot of land? Then your She Shed becomes that extra room or corner in a room, that you create for yourself.

When I lived in New York, my living and dining room was one big space. I carved out a small portion in the corner of the room by the window. My colleague at the time, used a portion of her wall closet as her workspace. It's doable.

Why Do You Need/Want Extra Space?

Sometimes you just need your own space. It's a lot like having a tiny house for some or an extra closet for others. If you've ever lived in a major city where space is premium, you know what I mean. Before a lot of you were born, there was a time when working from home was a new concept.

Women in particular, were creating spaces for themselves in order to come out of corporate America. Closets and pantries were becoming work spaces. Working from home is not a new phenomenon, it's been years in the making. That space for your hobby became an extra income for a lot of you.

Could it be that I'm to act as a reminder for you to find a space and begin creating? Have you been writing lately? Playing in essential oils perhaps? Maybe it's time for you to take the next step.

What's been coming up in your space that you might need to give some attention to?

Is It Time To Turn Your Extra Space Into An Income Producer?

The pandemic has brought a lot of change in most of your lives. It forced you to take a look at how you've been working. So many of you realized, that the job you thought you needed could be replaced or they replaced you. You had to time to breathe, step back and take a good look at how you've been living.

It threw the world into a fear so severe, until a lot of you were frozen, not moving forward or backward. As you saw that things were not going to change anytime soon, you looked for ways to calm your nerves.

Your old hobbies became therapy and for some, revamped business ideas. You found yourselves spending spare time working on your hobby. You loved how it made you feel. So much so, until you looked for ways to fund it, market it and see if it could support you.

The extra space you found in your home to help settle your nerves, is about to become an income producer.

Don't wait or hesitate, start now!

Let us know in the Ethnic Beauty forum, what you've been working on in your extra space.

That's it for this week.

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