Ethnic Men and Their Skin, How to Care for It

Ethnic Men and Their Skin, How to Care for It

Ethnic Men and Their Skin

Ethnic skin care, and for men no doubt. Think ethnic women are the only ones concerned about their skin.? Think again.

There was a time when men were only categorized under grooming. Move over ladies, your man wants healthy looking skin also. In today’s world of skin care products, ethnic men have stepped up and are claiming their place in caring for their skin.

Caring for the Skin of Ethnic Men

Men's skin is about 20% thicker than women's skin, especially around the eye area. Therefore, men's skin is less likely to wrinkle as fast as a woman's. On the other hand, a man's skin has a higher rate of oil production, sweats more quickly and is definitely more irritated from shaving on a daily basis and excessive alcohol use.

Men spend on average less than 10 minutes a day caring for their skin, so a product that serves multipurpose will work much better. If your aftershave can act as a toner as well, you’re happy. If there's an SPF in the moisturizer it decreases the steps. You like that also.

The one thing I’ve learned as an esthetician, is that men don’t like a lot of steps in their regimen.

Ethnic Men's Grooming and Skin Care Around the World

Italy takes pride in men's barbering. The Italians believe that a "Proper" hair cut and shave can only be gotten by someone with years of experience in the art of shaving.

The Russians believe in dissecting a man's face in order to determine the direction of hair growth. This gives them insight into how to shave the face without causing abrasions and cuts. It makes perfect sense. When waxing is performed, in order to get the best results, the esthetician removes the hair based on the direction of hair growth.

In Eastern Europe it's the hot steam baths with essential oils and herbs that are used to increase circulation and prevent premature aging of skin. Yes, for men.

In Asian countries, the use of face and body cleansers as well as moisturizers is used regularly. Grooming is a daily practice for men in Asian countries. There are over 4000 facilities that cater specifically to men that offer grooming services.

In Middle Eastern countries, since men cover their bodies, they concentrate on manicures, pedicures, shaving and eye treatments.

Ethnic Skin Care for Men ...

Yes, this is a new space for ethnic men in the world of skin and body care but it's definitely on the rise. Ladies you can help the men in your life by coaching them through the maze of product offerings. The results will be hands that no longer look gray and ashy, feet that no longer scrap your legs from the roughness of their heels and a face that's free of razor stubble.

You'll still have your manly man, just one that's much better groomed.

That’s it for this week,

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