Create A Bookmark With Adobe Photoshop CS2

Create A Bookmark With Adobe Photoshop CS2
It's back to school time and that means lots of books and homework. Why not design some bookmarks to use as an advertising give-away for your business or group. To make a two by eight inch bookmark, all you will need is a photograph of that size or larger and Photoshop CS2. I started with a scan of a photo I took of the beautiful fall leaves here in Ohio.

Step 1. Start a New Image. Click File > New to open the New dialog box. If you are making a bookmark to be downloaded from the web, set the resolution to 72, the width to 144 and the height to 576 pixels. If you will be printing your bookmarks on an inkjet printer (not from the web), set the resolution to 300, the width to 600 and the height to 2400 pixels. As in all of my project tutorials, the measurements I give below are just a suggestion. You should experiment by changing these numbers to see what works best for your own project.

Step 2. The Photograph. I usually scan my photographs into Photoshop and save them in Photoshop format for use in projects I may do later. The scanned photo in the example was larger then the bookmark's final size. I decided the leaves would be in better proportion with the size of the bookmark if I resized the photo. So I used the final height of the bookmark (576 pixels) as my guide and resized the height of the photo to 576 pixels. To do this I clicked on Image > Image Size to open the Image Size dialog box. In the Pixel Dimensions section, I set the height to 576 pixels for resolution 72 (or 2400 pixels for resolution 300). The width dimension will automatically be set to the correct size based on the new height dimension.

Step 3. Copy The Photo Image. Even after resizing, the photo still has a width larger then 144 (600) but we will use that to our advantage. So click Select > All and then Edit > Copy. You are now ready to move it to the bookmark image window.

Move Tool Icon
Step 4. Paste On To Bookmark. Now we will paste the photo on to the bookmark. Click on the bookmark image window and click Edit > Paste. Because the width of the photo is larger, not all of the photo will be visible. Use the Move Tool to drag the photo horizontally until you see a part of the photo that looks best as the background for your bookmark.

Rectangle Marquee Tool Icon
Step 5. Add A Solid Colored Rectangle. We will add a new layer on which to draw a solid colored semi-transparent rectangle. This rectangle will be where we will put your company name and web address. Click Layer > New > Layer to create layer number 2 in the Layers Palette. Now click on the Rectangle Marquee Tool. In the Options Bar, set the Feather to zero and the Style to Normal. Pick an area of the bookmark and drag to draw a rectangle large enough to accommodate your company name and address.

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