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A Look at Scapple 2022 star
Scapple by Literature and Latte is a mind mapping app, which you can use just like a "virtual sheet of paper". For example, I use it to build my articles for BellaOnline.

A New Approach To Color GenoPal Pro by Genometri star
GenoPal Pro by Genometri is a new type of color selection software that gives you natural looking and harmonious color schemes for your digital art projects.

Adobe KnowHow Learning Center star
Adobe KnowHow is a video training website from Adobe that started in 2013. What I like the most about it? You can buy one course at a time instead of a monthly charge on your account, even when you don’t find time to take a course for a month or so.

Adobe Plus Membership Review star
You will want to take a look at the new Adobe Plus membership which gives you access to an ever-growing library of knowledge and resources.

Artist at Work - Sketch to Finished Illustration star
This short training video from entitled Artist at Work - From Sketch to Finished Vector Illustration by Von Glitschka will take you step-by-step through the process of drawing an illustration of a very happy dog.

Authors Guide to Book Apps by Karen Robertson star
In Author’s Guide to Book Apps, Karen Robertson covers in detail how authors can publish their stories into book apps. She has been through this process herself and shares what she has learned, both good and bad.

Beginner's Guide to Digital Painting in Photoshop star
3DTotal Publishing is well known for their range of books featuring the best digital artists in the game and movies genre. If you are a novice to digital art, you will enjoy the Beginner's Guide to Digital Painting in Photoshop Volume 1, which has a fine introduction to this genre.

Canva Makes Thank You Cards Easy star
Recently, I designed a thank you card but my old printer just couldn't do the job. So I turned to Read on to see how easy it is to get prints of your own thank you card design.

CGSociety Online Digital Art Community star
At the Society of Digital Artists site you will find high quality artwork from professional and nonprofessionals in all genres of digital art. Although emphasis is on 3D digital art and topics from the film industry, the 2D artist can find much to keep them interested.

Character Development Design by Mary Begin star
In this video training course entitled Character Development and Design, at, Mary Jane Begin discusses both her own and other artist’s create their characters.

Chrome Web Browser Themes star
Did you know that you can change the theme for the Chrome web browser? Themes were an addition to Chrome in 2009, with art from one hundred artists. Now, there are a lot more. Let's check out what's there now. Click the link below and let's get started.

Corel Paint Shop Photo Pro X3 Review star
If you're a Paint Shop Photo Pro fan and want to try some other Corel software, the new Paint Shop Photo Pro X3 Ultimate is the way to go.

Creative Cloud Classroom with Mike McHugh star
This online video training course by Mick McHugh is offered free from Adobe KnowHow. The author demonstrates how Creative Cloud can make your life easier by syncing your Adobe iPhone/iPod, iPad and Desktop apps.

Designing with Web Fonts star
What limitations do fonts have on webpages?

Digital Painting Techniques Volume 4 by 3DTotal star
One aspect of the artist's life is the never-ending challenge to improve one's skills. 3DTotal Publishing's Digital Painting Techniques Volume 4 is a great source of learning and inspiration, especially for those interested in game and fantasy digital illustration. Dover Clip Art star
We have a new way to find and purchase clip art. At you can browse, purchase and download royalty-free Dover clip art. You are free to use the clip art in your projects or as inspiration for your own artwork.

Fun With Blobz by Torus Kit star
While browsing the web, I found a website that offers free code for creating your own custom blobs, which they call blobz. What makes this site different from the other "blob generator" sites is that these blobz are easily customized and they can be animated too.

Getting Started Photoshop Elements by TeachUcomp star
If you are considering moving to Photoshop Elements, you might want to check out the free video introduction to Photoshop Elements available at Getting Started with Adobe Photoshop Elements by TeachUcomp, Inc. gives you a basic tour of the Organizer workspace and the common tasks.

iBooks Author Mac App star
Apple has released a new free app in the Mac App Store called iBooks Author which streamlines the process for creating iBooks textbooks for the iPad.

jQuery 1.4 Animation Techniques Beginner's Guide star
Book review of jQuery 1.4 Animation Techniques Beginner's Guide.

Karen Robertson - Marketing Book Apps star
How to Market a Book App and Other Kid?s Apps by Karen Robertson is one of the best books about marketing children?s book apps. Book apps is a niche market and Karen has had the experience to write this book. She shares with her readers the many experiences she had with her Treasure Kai book apps.

Learn JavaScript with p5.js by Engin Arslan star
Book Review - If you are looking for a book that covers both p5.js and JavaScript together, the book entitled Learn JavaScript with p5.js, Coding for Visual Learners by Engin Arslan is for you.

LiveBrush - An Adobe Air Based Program star
Livebrush by David Fasullo is a new way to draw with your mouse. The speed of your mouse determines what you get on your digital canvas.

Livebrush Drawing Software star
Livebrush is an easy-to-use drawing application from David Fasullo.

Photoshop for Artists by Sylvie Covey star
Photoshop for Artists A Complete Guide for Fine Artists, Photographers, and Printmakers by Sylvie Covey is all about Photoshop from a fine art point of view.

Publish Your Digital Art with Blurb star
What is Blurb and how can you use it to promote your digital art.

Review - 21-Day Drawing Challenge star
In this new video training, the author Von Glitschka teaches 21-day, or about 50 minutes, tutorial that will help you challenge and grow as an artist. Although the challenges are for traditional, analog drawing, you can still apply much of what you learn to your digital art.

Review - Adobe Spark star
Adobe Spark was released last year. It's a combination of a web app and three mobile apps, for DIY graphic design for social posts, mini webpages, video and much more. With the cloud, your projects are available on both the web platform and the mobile apps.

Review - Before & After: Graphic Design Techniques star
Review of the online course by John McWade Before & After: Graphic Design Techniques on

Review - Brackets Text Editor star
In this review, we will take a look at the Brackets code editor, an open source project by Adobe.

Review - Easy Cut Studio star
Many crafters enjoy using a personal die cutting machine to create their craft projects. There is the software that comes with the cutting machine but there are also cutting software that can work with many cutting machines. Easy Cut Studio works with many popular cutting machines.

Review - The Web Designer's Idea Book star
The Web Designer's Idea Book by Patrick McNeil is a guide to the best website design on the web.

Review Designing a Calendar with Nigel French star
Have you ever wanted to create a calendar in InDesign? This video tutorial entitled Designing a Calendar by Nigel French will teach you how to create three calendars; a traditional monthly wall calendar, a compact yearly one-page calendar and an abstract yearly color wheel type calendar.

Review of ArtRage Deluxe - Natural Media Software star
ArtRage is a natural media digital art software with several very nice features, some challenging those of Painter and Photoshop.

Scapple - It's all About the Notes star
In the previous article, we began our tour of the Scapple app. Let's continue - there's so much more.

Scapple - The Rest of the Story star
In the previous article, we finished our tour of the Scapple app. Now let's talk about how to get Scapple and find support from Literature and Latte.

Scapple Mind Mapping App - Great Features star
My husband and I are moving and that takes a lot of planning. So I decided to try out some of the Mind Mapping apps. I tried several but the one I found that not only had the features I wanted but also didn't cost much. It's call Scapple by Literature and Latte.

Scapple Mind Mapping App - How it Works star
In a previous article, I shared with you might experiences with Scapple, a mind mapping app from Literature and Latte. Now let's take a look at what you can add to your virtual page.

Scrapbooking Site at BellaOnline star
Our Scrapbooking site here at BellaOnline is for the traditional and digital scrapbooker.

Screen Recording - Video Training Software star
When creating a training video, a major part of the process is recording the action on the computer screen as you demonstrate your lesson. Below are some of the most popular choices for screen recording software.

Screen Recording - Video Training Software - 2 star
When creating a training video, a major part of the process is recording the action on the computer screen as you demonstrate your lesson. Below are some of the most popular choices for screen recording software.

Scrivener for Research and Multiple Publishing star
Scrivener makes your researching task easier because you can store all types of files inside the Scrivener workspace. Because Scrivener is based on the concept of separation between content and design or layout, you can write your manuscript once and publish in multiple formats.

Scrivener Writing Software Review star
Scrivener, a complete writing studio, is just what I needed to help me write and keep me organized. Scrivener is built on the assumption that the writer will need the flexibility of writing a project in small chunks of text that can be easily repurposed.

Snap Art 3 from Alien Skin star
With Snap Art 3 from Alien Skin you can manipulate your photographs with natural media filters.

TestFlight iOS Beta Testing Service star
The people at TestFlight have a free over-the-air testing services, still in beta, for iOS mobile app developers.

The Photographer's Eye iPad App star
The top selling book The Photographer's Eye by Michael Freeman is now an iPad app.

Training Videos and the Wink Freeware Software star
If you are an educator or need to create training videos for any reason, you might want to try Wink freeware software.

Typekit Font Library Service star
Typekit is a font resource for the web designer and an easy way to use designer fonts on your site.

Web Hosting 101 by Brad Hussey star is Adobe’s website containing courses covering many subject areas. This free course by Brad Hussey entitled Web Hosting 101: Get Your Website Live will teach you the basic steps to creating your own hosted website.

What is TexturePacker star
What is TexturePacker and how can it help you to create optimized sprite sheets.

Your First Steps in Creating A Training Video star
The first step to creating your training video is to set up several options for the recording process.

Your First Steps in Creating A Training Video - 2 star
The first step to creating your training video is to set up several options for the recording process.

Your First Steps in Creating A Training Video - 3 star
The first step to creating your training video is to set up several options for the recording process.

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