The interests of children with Autism through the years

The interests of children with Autism through the years
I mentioned in a Newsletter a few weeks ago this idea that I have to share articles on the interests of children on the Autism Spectrum over the years of their childhood.

For example most preschoolers enjoy Thomas the Tank and The Wiggles. Mine were no exception and then moved on to Horses, Dinosaurs, Reptiles, Puzzles, Helicopters and Cats. Now at ten Nicholas is interested in making paper airplanes and creating stories on paper. Last year his interests expanded into weather related activities.

The themes will cover reviews on books, magazines, toys, puzzles, games, software, movies and television shows. When Nicholas was in the first grade be loved to watch PBS shows like Caillou and then he moved on to Disney Channel with Stanley a favorite for a long time. Last year he would watch Cyberchase as well on PBS. They both still like to view The Magic School Bus. Matthew liked watching Mr. Rogers and Jay Jay The Jet Plane. When Nicholas was three and four we headed each weekend to Kmart to pick up the latest Winnie The Pooh video and then stroll the aisles for the Thomas the Tank toys.

Both of my children enjoy many shows on the Animal Planet, National Geographic Channel and Discovery Channel. Favorite stores at the Mall include Discovery Store and Lego Store. We have grown bored with KB Toys, but do like to visit Borders Books and Toys R Us.

Nicholas spent a few years making puzzles and recently chose a Sponge Bob one at Toys R Us. Matthew would get a hold of all the card games and spend quality time dumping them and bending them. This led to Nicholas losing interest in UNO. We have tried some musical toys over the years with mixed results. They do like bop it bags and punching bags that hang on the doorway and the kind that you wear to punch each other.

I also plan on posting an article on Occupational Therapy related items that are useful for home use, like a bouncing ball, weighted lap pad, swish disc and vibrating hair brush and tooth brush. A future article will be on Stocking Stuffers for Christmas. Britax Huskyis the carseat for autistic kids.

Matthew enjoys jumping on the trampoline

Since I have spent over five years writing reviews on Epinions I have many reviews on toys and have come to know many other parents who have shared reviews on items worth noting here as well. The themed articles will also be linked in this article as they get posted.

I have two boys and not really experienced with what themes girls on the Autism Spectrum are interested in. I welcome any response and feedback from parents of girls. This will enable other parents to gain from your insight and related experience.

Nicholas likes to showcase his creatures he has made

I am still seeking feedback relating to my Autism Around the World article. Anyone willing to share about Special Olympics and/or Service Dogs please send me a note.

I look forward on reflecting back through the years and reading again what Nicholas and Matthew liked in particular at various stages of their young childhood. Documenting the lives of our autistic children, whether it be in a written format, audio or taping and recording the highs and lows for children on the Autism Spectrum is a rewarding task. I am glad that I spent time writing reviews on how my childen enjoyed toys, books and movies. These are reminders that might have gone by the wayside had I not written them to peruse over the years.

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