Heart Health Everyday

Heart Health Everyday
February is American Heart Health Month, but it is important to take care of your heart every month.. Heart health is essential for our overall health and wellness. Heart disease has began decreasing however it is still the leading cause of death in the United States. Heart disease is closely related to lifestyle. So by making smart lifestyle changes we can reduce the risk of heart disease and live longer, healthier lives.

Heart Healthy Nutrition

Diets high in a variety of fruits and vegetables have been linked with a reduction in heart disease. A healthy nutrition plan helps to regulate a healthy weight. When you are at a healthy weight your internal organs do not have to work as hard to keep your heart pumping. A healthy nutritional plan is usually the starting point for healthy exercise and wellness. Often when you are maintaining a healthy nutritional plan you are striving for healthy results in other areas of your life.

Heart Healthy Exercise

Exercise is also linked to reducing heart disease. Exercising helps to reach and maintain a healthy weight in addition to healthy nutrition. Exercising also helps your muscles, internal organs, and circulatory systems operate at their best. It can be hard to determine what exercises you should do to keep your body working optimally. Walking is a great way to move if you haven’t been exercising for a long period of time. If you have already started walking there are many ways to increase the intensity to keep strengthening your body and pushing yourself further.

Heart Healthy Wellness

There are many other factors that play into heart disease. Stress, smoking, drinking, and your sleep pattern. Excessive anything can have a huge negative impact on your life, including exercise. Limiting your unhealthy pleasures can increase your life expectancy. No one enjoys giving up unhealthy habits, because they are just that habits, however if you start to limit them they have less negative impact on your health and you may find you no longer enjoy them anyway. Getting adequate sleep will help you stay alert and focused on your goals and helps to reduce stress and fatigue.

The key to a healthy heart is changing your current unhealthy lifestyle to a healthier one. It takes time and diligence, however the results are worth the work. Remember that it will not happen overnight and often you will have to start over. The important thing is to keep striving toward the goal, whether that goal is a healthy weight, stronger body, or healthy nutritional plan. Take one day at a time to reach your goals successfully, have a plan and work it everyday.

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