3 Tips You Need to Make This Your Healthiest Year

3 Tips You Need to Make This Your Healthiest Year
Every year hundreds of people around the world decide to get in shape, get healthier, and to eat better. Usually it is around the New Year but sometimes it is around a birthday, a seasonal change, or for a big event like a wedding or after the birth of a child. Whatever the reason, many people want to change their lives for the better by eating right and getting fit. There are many obstacles in the path of these goals sometimes they are small obstacles, sometimes they are enormous obstacles. The most important thing is to start, start where you are now and with what you can do today.

3 Tips

Following these three tips will greatly increase your ability to make this year your healthiest year yet. Yes, there are only three tips because with these three tips you can completely transform your health. They are not fast and easy tips but they can be implemented each and every day to help you become healthier and stronger.

Have a Plan

Start your goals with a plan. Planning where you are going will keep you on track. Also it is important to have a back up plan. You need to know how many calories you should have and what your current consumption is, you should know how many miles, or steps you need to meet your goal and where you are currently. You must have a back up plan. If you do not have a back up plan then you create an easy excuse to not follow through. If it is raining and you can't walk your normal trail, walk inside. If you forgot your lunch on the kitchen counter, know where you can go and still stay within your calorie goals.

Exercise vs Nutrition

Exercise and nutrition not verses, that is the way you must think about your health. Incorporate a healthy diet with healthy activities. Both are a part of a healthy lifestyle and you can not have one without the other. There are many people who exercise constantly and are not consuming healthy foods so their bodies suffer. The flip side of that are those that eat healthy every meal but never exercise, their bodies are weak and out of shape. You must eat within your calorie goals from a variety of foods as well as exercising at least 30 minutes a day three times a week.


Everyone will stumble, some of us will even wipe-out completely. That is okay. The point of it all is to get up and dust yourself off, then get back to it. Never stop working toward your goal. People often give up right before they break through the obstacles that are holding them back. Don't be that person, keep striving to meet your goals and you will. Persistence is not about be successful every time but about failing and still continuing in your quest.

Now you have the three things you must have to succeed on your health journey. Make a plan, be sure to include exercise and a healthy diet, and do not give up. It really is that simple. It isn't easy and some days are better than others but everyday work toward a healthier you and you will succeed.

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