PETA - Animal Rights

PETA  - Animal Rights
If you ask, I willingly answer...

Do I believe in animal rights? Of course I do, I believe every animal has rights. Have I ever stopped to pick a worm up off the hot pavement? Yes I have. I also will not intentionally step on an ant. Do I support People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)? No, I believe they are hypocritical and that they are fanatical. Using violence, causing the suffering or death of a human, is never right. Nor is it right for any human to use violence, or cause the suffering or death of an animal. PETA practices both of these abominations.

A message to pet owners that contribute to PETA – PETA doesn’t support people having pets. Having pets is against PETA’s beliefs; their goal is “total animal liberation.”

"It's not about loving animals. It's about fighting injustice. My whole goal is for humans to have as little contact as possible with animals." This is a quote (source from Gary Yourofsky who was hired by PETA in 2002 as a lecturer.

According to, President and Co-founder, Ingrid Newkirk “total animal liberation” means no pets, no service animals (including guide dogs), no zoos, no aquariums, no leather, no eating meat, cheese, eggs, milk, and countless other examples. While I agree that animals should be treated humanely – how humane would it be to set these animals free? Think about all the pets that accidently escape; consequently suffer, and die because they are unable to fend for themselves? They may become prey, they may starve to death, they could freeze, or many other awful things that could happen. Setting all these pets free would have the exact same effect. This is not including what it could do to hurt the environment. Once these animals have been set free it would start a domino effect causing the existing animals to suffer.

Pet owners that donate to PETA actually believe their money is going to saving pets while in fact it goes to killing pets. Documents filled out by PETA and then sent to the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services prove that PETA does just that. These records were requested by Center for Consumer Freedom when they submitted a public records request. These documents clearly showed that PETA killed 90% of the dogs, cats, and other companion pets (exotic pets other than dog or cat) during a five year period.

To view these documents go to this URL, scroll down to the chart and click on the link right under the chart that reads (Skeptical? Click here to see the proof). PETA's Dirty Secret

As far as I am concerned PETA has done a better job discrediting itself than anyone else could ever accomplish. As PETA kills animals it turns around and spends a fortune with your donations on campaigns such as “Holocaust on Your Plate” comparing the Nazi massacre of Jews to farm animals; and you and your family sitting at the supper table eating meat making you the equivalent of a Nazi.

PETA has supported violence “If an ‘animal abuser’ were killed in a research lab firebombing, I would unequivocally support that, too," (a quote from Yourofsky source

PETA’s donations of funds to known terrorist groups’ points to their advocating violence as shown on PETA’s 1995 tax return as seen at Financial and Source Information The donation of $45,000 to convicted arsonist Rodney Coronado who fire bombed a research lab at Michigan State University. There are more examples of their donations to known terrorists including cash donations to the Earth Liberation Front.

PETA is hypocritical for not only killing our pets and then spending massive amounts of donated money on campaigns against slaughterhouse chickens. Because it turns out there is a big blind eye when it comes to gaining donations for their pocket books. When Pamela Anderson’s Dodge Viper with leather interior was auctioned for the benefit of PETA, the proceeds were greedily accepted (leather interior?).

I don’t advocate ANY nonprofit spending donated funds to build elaborate headquarters on prime property. If PETA has that much of a surplus they could establish a no kill policy and quit killing animals.

I will continue to do what I do, help educate people who decide to have exotic pets by making sure these people know what the pet is truly like and how to care for the pet. I also will continue to support shining examples of organizations that help exotic pets such as Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary and SkunkHaven

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