Marilyn On Being A Symbol

Marilyn On Being A Symbol

Marilyn On Being A Sex Symbol

  • "Some people have been unkind. If I say I want to grow as an actress, they look at my figure. If I say I want to develop, to learn my craft, they laugh. Somehow they don't expect me to be serious about my work."

  • "That's the trouble, a sex symbol becomes a thing. But if I'm going to be a symbol of something, I'd rather have it sex than some other things we've got symbols of."

  • "I don't want to play sex roles any more. I'm tired of being known as the girl with the shape."

  • "When I start a new picture, it's like learning to act all over again. May be it's because I know that my screen image doesn't at all represent me, my real me, the way I feel, the way I act and talk. It's something very much apart from my personality, this being a dumb sexy blonde. I'm neither dumb, nor any prettier than any other woman. But they don't think I can act, so I'm stuck playing the sextress. That's my own word, I coined it myself. I'm not an actress, I'm a sextress ! And it's really awful."

  • "Playing those sexy screen roles, they think you want to keep at it off screen, too. Well, I'm not made that way. Sex isn't that important to me."

  • "I'll never get the right part, anything I really want. My looks are against me. They're too specific."

  • "Everyone's just laughing at me. I hate it. Big breasts, big ass, big deal, Can't I be anything else ? Gee, how long can you be sexy ?"

  • "I'm a failure as a woman. My men expect so much of me, because of the image they've made of me and that I've made of myself, as a sex symbol. Men expect so much, and I can't live up to it."

  • "Being a sex symbol is a heavy load to carry, especially when one is tired, hurt and bewildered."

  • "People had a habit of looking at me as if I were some kind of mirror instead of a person. They didn't see me, they saw their own lewd thoughts, then they white-masked themselves by calling me the lewd one."

  • "I've given pure sex appeal very little thought. If I had to think about it, I'm sure it would frighten me."

  • "I like to wear chic clothes or no clothes at all. Something in between does not please me at all."

  • "It's better for the whole world to know you, even as a sex star, than never to be known at all."

  • "The body is meant to be seen, not all covered up."

  • "What do I wear in bed? Why, Chanel No. 5, of course."

  • "It's not true I had nothing on, I had the radio on."

  • "The trouble with censors is that they worry if a girl has cleavage. They ought to worry if she hasn't any."

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