Roll Up Organizers

Roll Up Organizers
All manner of items can be encased in pretty, practical fabric rolls from bright colored pencils and crayons, cosmetic brushes, jewelry, crochet hooks and knitting needles, picnic and table ware, glove box car necessities, artists’ supplies, sewing items - even a few garage hand tools!

Sewing a fabric organizer is relatively easy using whatever appropriate fabric may be at hand, a scrap of batting, a few straight machine stitches and a ribbon, cord or button closure. A great beginner sewing project!

To start, cut two oversized rectangles of fabric one for the inner side and one for the outer and one of batting. Usually 1/2 yard or slightly less of each is all that is needed. The finished fabric roll will be folded across horizontally in two areas, to create a fold-up pocket area and a fold-down top covering. The pocket area can be stitched along each side edge and with equidistant parallel stitching across the pocket area to create individual compartments. With contents inserted into the pockets and the top folded down to cover, just roll up and tie securely closed with a folded length of ribbon or cord sewed to the middle of one side of the roll up.

To determine what the finished width and length of the roll up should be when folded and closed, the measurements can be determined of course by what will be encased in the finished roll up times two. Be sure when assembling to layer the two fabric pieces right sides together with batting on top sewing around all sides leaving a few inches unsewn in one side to be able to turn right sides out. Trim corners carefully, also trimming batting close to stitching to avoid bulk. Turn right sides out and press. Top stitch all around edges. Top stitching will close the unsewn opening as well as securing all layers.

After top stitching fold one long side 2/3 thirds of the the way so that a deep pocket will form. This will leave the remaining fabric to form a top flap to fold down to cover all. Stitch only the pocket area with multiple parallel lines to form compartments including stitching close to the side edges. Cording or lengths of ribbon can be stitched to the middle edge of one side of the roll up. Roll up the organizer and use ties to close. Alternatively, an elastic hair band and button can be used instead of ties for decorative closure as well.

Note: If creating a jewelry roll up for travel, stitch a small loop of ribbon or cording placed one inch above one or more sewn inside compartments to be able to attach a necklace or soft bracelet. This will allow the necklace or bracelet to dangle into the corresponding compartment below the loop to secure them before rolling up the organizer. A small square of felt can also be sewn onto the organizer’s inner fabric as a flap to be able to attach earrings.

The roll up organizers make for a great beginner sewing project. Fabric choices should be based on the type of items to be encased: oil or canvas cloth for a hand tool roll, sturdy fabrics for children's' colored pencil or crayon rolls, woven cottons, denim fabrics and thick felts will do for many roll up organizers. Roll up organizers are a great way to use up fabric scraps too!

Sew happy, sew inspired.

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