Lowering your Diastolic Pressure

Lowering your Diastolic Pressure
Many people are trying to lower their blood pressure - and their diastolic number in particular. Here are some suggestions on how to get your diastolic number to be lower.

First, what is your diastolic number? When you get your blood pressure measured, you are given two numbers -


the first number is your systolic pressure - how much pressure your blood vessels are under when your heart goes PUMP. That is the most pressure in your system. The second number is your diastolic pressure - the pressure in your system when your heart takes a rest, before the next pump. So this is the *least* amount of pressure your system is under. If even your diastolic number is high, it means your system is always being stressed, and never gets a rest. This isn't good for you!

Most doctors feel 120/80 is healthy and that higher than that should be addressed. You should of course ask your doctor what your personal aim should be. If you're told you're currently too high, how do you lower it?

First, being overweight all on its own puts a strain on your blood pressure. You should aim for a more healthy weight. This entire site is dedicated to recipes and advice to help you reach that aim. Start with the basics, and go step by step!

Next, salt and sodium can cause your blood pressure to be high. Try to cut them out. Pretty much any processed food you eat will have a ton of salt added to it! Try to eat fresh vegetables, fresh meats and so on - that way you get as little salt as possible.

Even basic activities can help your blood pressure regulate properly. You don't have to lift weights every day. Just go out for a short walk. Make the walk a little longer each day. Walk up and down the stairs. It's important to start slowly - but to do *something* each day to get your body active. It helps your metabolism and pretty much every aspect of healthy living.

If you smoke, hopefully you realize by now just how harmful it is to your health! Consider this yet another reason to quit. I know quitting is hard - get support. Talk to your doctor, your family, whoever it takes. Go for a patch or gum or any other aid you need. The critical thing is to stop.

As always, talk with a doctor before starting any lifestyle change - but if your blood pressure is too high, the time to start is now!

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