Wiccan Words Q to Z

Wiccan Words Q to Z
When you're a pagan or Wiccan, it is good to know the jargon. Here is a list of pagan and Wiccan terms and their meanings, which I will add to over time.

QUARTERS are the four directions of east, south, west, and north. In CEREMONIAL MAGIC and various Wiccan traditions, there is a guardian in each of the four directions that must be stirred or summoned to stand watch over one's safety when practicing spellwork within a magic CIRCLE. This is known as calling the Quarters. Some visualize the guardians as watch towers or dragons. After the ritual or spell, the Quarters are thanked and released.

RITUAL is a series of actions that may include movements, objects, and spoken words as in an INCANTATION or praise. Some use the words "ritual" and "spell" interchangeably. I think of them as counterparts with ritual intended for worship, and SPELL used for WITCHCRAFT.

RITUAL TOOLS. At a minimum, the ATHAME or WAND and CHALICE used by pagans on their ALTAR to practice RITUAL or WITCHCRAFT. Some add an incense burner and a PENTACLE.

SABBAT. One of eight pagan festivals that celebrate the changing of the seasons.

SPELL. A means by which ENERGY is raised and directed toward fulfilling a magical purpose. A spell can include CORRESPONDENCS and an INCANTATION.

TALISMAN. An object created and CHARGED for a specific purpose such as protection or to attract good fortune. See also AMULET.

TRANSCENDENCE means you must go beyond this world to reach the divine as opposed to IMMANENCE, which means that the divine permeates the everyday material world.

TRIPLE GOD expresses the three faces of the God from Youth to Father to Elder.

TRIPLE GODDESS expresses the three faces of the Goddess from Maiden to Mother to Crone.

WAND is one of the primary four RITUAL tools. Usually made of wood, it signifies fire, the phallus, and the south direction.

WANING MOON is when the moon is decreasing from full to new.

WAXING MOON is when the moon is increasing from new to full.

WHEEL OF THE YEAR encompasses the eight pagan SABBATS of Samhain, Yule, Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Midsummer, Lammas, and Mabon that celebrate the changing of the seasons.

WICCAN versus PAGAN. Wiccans are a subset within the larger group of PAGANS.

WICCAN versus WITCH. Wiccans adhere to the WICCAN REDE; WITCHES do not.

WICCAN REDE. The moral center of Wicca as expressed by Doreen Valiente in a 1964 speech, "An it harm none, do as ye will." The Wiccan Rede defines those who practice Wicca.

WIDDERSHINS. A counterclockwise motion used in ritual to banish and decrease energy.

WITCH. Someone who practices WITCHCRAFT. The word "warlock" does not refer to a male witch; it means "oath breaker."

WITCHCRAFT. The practice of using SPELLS to shape, guide, and direct ENERGY to obtain various outcomes.

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