Meatloaf with Gravy Frozen Dinner

Meatloaf with Gravy Frozen Dinner
As far as frozen dinners go, the South Beach Living Meatloaf with Gravy is rather tasty! Only 13g of net carbs, 16g of protein, 0g of trans fats, and a tasty flavor. You get the meatloaf, gravy, green beans and red peppers!

The dish is easy enough to make. It's a two compartment plastic container, half for the veggies, half for the meat. You simply microwave it for 5 minutes, no stirring necessary, then let it sit for another two. Voila! Instant healthy food!

The green beans come out quite nicely - a good mixture between crisp and juicy. The red pepper is equally as good. I'm really impressed with the meatloaf. It does taste very moist and juicy.

So you get 70% of your daily vitamin C here, 15% iron, 10% Vitamin A and 6% calcium.

For fats it's 9g total, made up of 2.5g saturated , 1.5g poly and 5g mono.

Carbs are 17g, minus 4g fiber means 13g net carbs.

The only real down side is the 910mg of sodium - which is 38% of your daily requirement! Still, I tend to live a very low sodium life. I can allow my dinner to use up this much sodium, especially if it's as tasty as this one is.

Luckily for those of us who are challenged in finding low carb items in our stores, the South Beach diet seems to be carried by most large supermarket chains. So there shouldn't be any trouble at all finding this in your home town. You can stock your freezer up with a few of these, and always know you have a healthy dinner option regardless of your current ingredient list or time situation.

One thing I found interesting here is that they have oven instructions on the box as well. You can cook this little tray on a cookie sheet at 350F for 30 minutes. It really drives home just how much time we've saved in modern times. You could spend 10 minutes heating up your oven, plus another 30 minutes waiting for your food to be done - or you could pop the tray into a microwave and 7 minutes later be eating your meal for far less electricity, house heating up and time waiting. That really is pretty impressive!

Well recommended.

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