Best Green Back To School Tips

Best Green Back To School Tips
With school looming right around the corner, it's important you and your family get prepared for the upcoming school year. If you're looking for eco-friendly back to school tips you've come to the right place. Today, we're going to look at six green back to school tips. Let's get right in!

Use Recycled Paper

Most people throw out their paper right after they use it. However, an excellent way to preserve the environment is by using recycled paper. Using recycled paper can benefit the environment in a couple of ways.

First of all, using recycled paper reduced how many trees we need to cut down. Trees provide shelter for a wide variety of animals, while also being an excellent source of carbon. Additionally, we can drastically limit the amount of waste in our environment just by using recycled paper.

Buy Second-Hand Clothes

An excellent way you can purchase quality clothing while also going green is buying second-hand clothes. As their name suggests, second-hand clothes are items that have been previously used by another individual.

Fortunately, there are several ways you can purchase second-hand clothing. This includes going to charities, the goodwill, and checking to see if your school has any second-hand clothes. Best of all, once you've enjoyed the clothing, you can donate your clothes back.

Find Used Textbooks

With every new year, comes new textbooks; why not buy them used? Here are a few of the reasons used textbooks may be a great option for you:

First of all, used textbooks are cheaper than brand-new ones. Additionally, you can typically purchase used textbooks online or in your school bookstore. Finally, used textbooks are excellent for the environment, because they save on paper.

Pack Your Own Lunch

A simple, yet effective back to school tip that can help the environment is packing your own lunch. Every year, schools dump thousands of pounds of good food into the garbage. By packing your own lunch, you can limit the amount of waste going into our dumps.

Buy a Non Toxic Lunchbox

If you're going to pack your own school lunch, it's best to have an environmentally friendly way to store it. That's where non toxic lunch box's come in. These food storage containers are a safe method for preserving your food. Look for a lunch box that is free of plastic, contaminants, and any other potentially harmful chemicals. Stay away from non re-usable bags; especially plastic ones.

Select an Eco Friendly Water Bottle

Finally, an excellent way to go green when you return to school is by using an eco-friendly water bottle. Every year an obscene amount of plastic cups and straws are thrown away. By investing in an environmentally friendly water bottle, you can help the environment.

There you have it, six green back to school tips. If you or your kid are heading back to school, use these tips for a successful, green school year.

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