The Walking Dead Season 3 Finale

The Walking Dead Season 3 Finale
The Walking Dead is AMC's popular horror series/drama that features a group of people trying to survive a zombie Apocalypse. Season three's season finale was filled with a lot of action but it also left a lot of unanswered questions.

**Warning Spoilers Below**

The episode opens with the Governor confronting Milton about going behind his back and talking to Andrea about his plan to kill Rick and the group. The Governor then tells Milton that Milton has to kill Andrea and if he doesn't he is going to kill him. When the Governor gives Milton the knife to kill Andrea, he tries to stab the Governor instead. It appears as if the Governor is already prepared for this as he quickly catches Milton and stabs him first. The Governor then leaves Milton locked in the room with Andrea so that when he dies and turns, he can kill Andrea anyway.

The Governor and his diminished Army then go and attack the prison however Rick and the group are waiting for him. They surprise the Governor's Army and fight back and the Governor's Army flees. The Governor stops his group on the road and shoots everyone but his 2 closest hit-men. (Karen also survives the attack by hiding under a corpse).

Carl and Hershel see a young man fleeing the fight. As the young man is putting down his weapon, Carl shoots him point blank. Hershel makes it a point to tell Rick about this when they return to the prison.

Rick, Darryl and Michonne find Karen enroute to Woodbury. When they get to Woodbury, the Governor is not there. They find Andrea and try to free her but they see that she has been bitten by Milton. Andrea says she will take her own life and Michonne stays with her while she commits suicide.

The episode ends with Rick and the group arriving back at the prison with the Woodbury survivors loaded on a school bus. Everyone gets off of the bus and goes into the prison.

Nothing else is said about the Governor or his whereabouts.

This episode left a few very important unanswered questions.

*Where is the Governor? Why didn't he return to Woodbury?
*How will Rick and the group feed the new additions from Woodbury?
*What's going on with Carl? Why did he kill that kid?

The Walking Dead has been renewed for a fourth season. Hopefully the above questions and more will be answered then. You can catch The Walking Dead Seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix and you can often catch the entire series during a marathon on AMC.

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