TastyKake Sensables Orange Finger Cake

TastyKake Sensables Orange Finger Cake
TastyKake Sensables Orange Finger Cake are about twinkie in size, but are a solid cake without the cream inside. They work wonderfully with a cup of tea, or a glass of milk.

First, the nutrition. Each 9oz bar has 100 calories. There are 11g total carbs, minus 4g fiber and minus 3g sugar alcohols. That ends up being only 4g for a bar! They are nicely, individually wrapped too, so it's easier to just take out one to have with your drink.

There are 6g of fat, with no trans fats and 1.5g of saturated fat. No nutrients really, but you don't eat these things because they're nutritious :)

The cake is pretty moist, with a nice texture to it. To be honest, it's a little TOO much like a twinkie to me - I keep expecting to find a nice creamy inside. That's a perception problem on my part :) But if you're a twinkie fan, it might be something that happens to you too.

The aroma on this cake is GORGEOUS. It is a fresh, orangey, delicious aroma. I actually can sit there and smell it for a little while. Talk about a nice extra bonus from a food item.

The taste lingers, too. So you can eat it in small nibbles, savoring the aroma and flavor, and feel like you've had something reasonably substantial. The key with this as with all treats is to not mindlessly gulp them down while watching TV. If you are watching TV, hit the MUTE button when a commercial comes on and sit back and really appreciate what you're nibbling on. It helps your enjoyment, it slows down your intake of food and helps you to feel more full.

I want to make my usual caveat here that snacks foods are not a great thing to eat every day. Your stomach only holds so much space. You want the things you put into you to supply nutrition. It's important for your body's health. There are MANY healthy snacks out there that give you important vitamins and nutrients. Make sure you have those easily at hand for your snacking needs.

But if sometime you are really craving a sponge cake type of thing, and your only other alternative would be to eat a sugary variety, this is definitely a great solution!

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