Halloween (2007)

Halloween (2007)
The story of Michael Myers was retold in Rob Zombie’s 2007 version of “Halloween”. Childhood is anything but idyllic for ten-year-old Michael who brutally slaughters his mother’s boyfriend, his sister and his sister’s boyfriend on Halloween night. After being committed to an asylum for almost seventeen years, where he’s been treated by Dr. Loomis, the completely withdrawn but still homicidal Michael escapes with only one thing in mind: being reunited with his baby sister no matter who stands in the way. Here are some movie mistakes to look for while watching 2007’s “Halloween”.

· At the very beginning of the movie, Ronnie White and Deborah Myers are arguing in the kitchen during breakfast. In a close-up view of Ronnie, he starts to bring his coffee cup to his mouth with his right hand (two of his fingers are in splints). It cuts to a wider view and his arm is down, holding the coffee cup near the table.

· After Michael escapes the asylum and the authorities have notified Dr. Loomis what has happened, a tractor trailer pulls into a rest stop. As Grizzly, the driver, is getting out of the truck, one of the attendants opens the tractor trailer’s front hood. When the scene cuts to Grizzly walking, as he’s saying “Grizzly’s back! All right!”, over his left shoulder the attendant can be seen opening the hood again.

· When Laurie is first walking with Tommy, they’re both carrying backpacks for school. When she stops at the old Myers house to deliver the mail for her dad, Laurie’s backpack is suddenly gone.

· CAUTION: May Contain Spoilers! Near the end of the movie, Michael attacks Dr. Loomis at the old Myers house. There is a noticeable amount of blood pouring from Dr. Loomis’ nose. But a couple moments later, when Michael is dragging the doctor’s body through the house, the blood on his nose is gone.

“Halloween” (2007) was directed by Rob Zombie and stars Malcolm McDowell, Scout Taylor-Compton, Tyler Mane, Sheri Moon Zombie, Daeg Faerch, William Forsythe and Danny Trejo. It runs 109 minutes and is rated R for strong brutal bloody violence and terror throughout, sexual content, graphic nudity and language.

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