TastyKake Sugar-Free Coffee Cake

TastyKake Sugar-Free Coffee Cake
TastyKake offers a variety of sugar free snack options for people looking to avoid excess sugar in their menu. The sugar-free coffee cake comes in nicely packed two-wraps and have no trans fats.

The snacks are a good size if you are eating consciously - if you are enjoying what you eat, rather than popping them in while you watch TV. They are smaller than "standard" cupcakes for example. So on one hand if you are used to eating high sugar, high volume treats you might consider them too small. However, if you pay attention while you snack on them and savor the flavor, they really are quite filling.

The coffee cake topping is a tasty crumble, and the cream inside is smooth and lovely. The cake itself might be a little on the dry side, but usually you have these with coffee or drinks or tea, so that really isn't an issue at all.

My boyfriend comments that to him the cream is a little too sweet, and the cake is more buttery-pound than cinnamony-coffee. Your mileage may vary :)

Nutrition-wise this is definitely a great improvement over the sugar-filled options out there. You have only 10g of carbs per serving. You also get 3g of fiber in every serving - a great bonus! There is 3g of protein too.

On the down side there is 240mg of sodium (10% of your daily value) and 10g of fat - including 3.5g of saturated fat. There are 180 calories. So there are other snacks out there that are lower in calories, lower in fat and lower in carbs.

So I'm sort of torn on how to review this. On one hand, if you are still eating high sugar stuff, you definitely need to stop! This is a GREAT alternative to high sugar varieties, and a good way to begin weaning yourself off a sugar habit.

But that being said, as far as a treat goes, there is a lot of not-great here. You can get things with fewer calories. The fat content is high. There are 10g of sugar alcohols.

I would generally recommend going with natural treats - raspberries, etc. But even if you want to go with a "processed treat", unless you really MUST have a coffee-cake variety, I'd suggest looking carefully at the nutrition label and finding something higher up on the good-for-you scale.

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