How to make soap hangtags in Microsoft Publisher

How to make soap hangtags in Microsoft Publisher
Hangtags can be used to label just about anything. They can be used to label soaps, gifts, handmade goodies from the kitchen, or custom made clothing and accessories; and just about anything that needs custom labeling.

Hangtags are a bit different from regular labels in that with hangtags one has a very small area to work with. Typically hangtags are tiny; usually between 1-3 inches.

Graphics used in hangtags should be very small or used as background graphics so as not to overwhelm the information that the hangtags convey.

Below are instructions for creating a simple hangtag. At the end of the page is a link to hangtag designs that are complete designs but may also be used as a template to make custom hangtags. Replace wording with your own. Graphic included can be used in personal and business hangtags without any copyright obligations.


1. Open a new document in Microsoft Publisher.


2. Organize your workspace. By zooming in you are able to get a better view of the tiny details on the hangtag. Then set layout guides (optional). The sample file available for download already has the layout guide set in the Publisher document with 5 spaces across and 4 spaces down for a total of 20 boxes for 20 labels, so we will skip this step (To revisit this step, see Optional Instructions at the end of the article if you need to customize the layout guides to change the size and number of hangtags).


3. Add Baseline guides. Baseline guides are guide lines that help with text alignment. They are not printed when you print your document but are quite helpful to get the fine placement of text and graphics correct on the page (optional - this step is optional, since the sample file available for download is setup already with this parameter.)


4. Add a textbox. The textbox forms the body of the hangtag. Everything contained within the hangtag will be placed in the textbox. The reason for this is that having a large textbox as the main body of the hangtag means that a preset border can be added. This takes the place of using a whole graphic for the border art. Preset art options in Microsoft Publisher include lines, double lines, dotted and dashed lines and tiny border art.


5. Customize the borders of the textbox. At this point the lines for the border and border art maybe selected.

FORMAT----------TEXTBOX --------COLORS AND LINES--------LINES (Select black color for the border)--------DASHED (REGULAR LINE)--------WEIGHT(thickness of line).

All texts in the sample hangtag maybe replaced with your own information.

6. To add a logo or any graphic to the design, you will have to insert the graphic from your computer. One of the great things with Publisher is that if pictures or art is slightly too large, it can be resized in the program to fit the printing requirements. The sample file that is available for download already has a graphic. To replace the graphic, select it and delete, then reinsert graphic of choice.

INSERT-------PICTURE FROM FILE--------(select picture)------INSERT.

Please NOTE: I recently changed servers and lost some of my graphic files. Please visit Perfumekits for free labels and graphics section on my website to see updated label designs and downloads.

Link to get free hangtags Floral Graphic Hangtag Design. This design is very simple with a small graphic. The graphic file maybe taken out for a cleaner look. To delete graphic, select it and hit the backspace button to delete. Then replace the verbiage for your own. The size of the hangtags maybe changed by changing the grid guides and by changing the text box size. Instructions can be found in the Optional Instructions below.

Classic Scroll Design This design features a classic scroll at the base of the hangtags. To better view and edit the design, zoom in to at least 100-150%. half of the labels have been left bare. If you choose to keep this design and layout, copy the contents of the completed boxes and paste them into the empty fields.

Optional Instructions

To add layout guides
ARRANGE---------LAYOUT GUIDE-----GRID GUIDES-----(Set number of columns, rows and spacing between the rows and columns). You may play with these numbers and print out test copies with plain paper to see what works.

To change and customize the size of the hangtags first change the GRID GUIDES (The grid guides are the underlying blue colored dotted lines that makes a grid of the page so it is easy to place the hangtags in their correct locations). See instructions above ADD LAYOUT GUIDES.

Next select the textbox. When the textbox is selected, points appear at the corners and midway between corners. Drag the corner out to the size you desire.

Or, to get a more exact size textbox -----(SELECT TEXTBOX)-----goto---FORMAT----- TEXTBOX--------SIZE(Set the size here).

Frequently asked questions about these labels:

1. Can I resize the label?
Yes you can. First change the grid guides (which are the blue lines that sits under the labels that are devided into boxes to help you to place the text in straight alignment. ARRANGE---------LAYOUT GUIDE-----GRID GUIDES-----(Set number of columns, rows and spacing between the rows and columns). You may play with these numbers and print out test copies with plain paper to see what works.

Then change the individual text boxes. First select the text box (which is the main box where all the information is container within each individual label and GOTO-----FORMAT----TEXTBOX------SIZE (CHANGE SIZE HERE). All the label sizes will have to be changed.

2. Can I resize the graphics?
yes, graphics in these files are high quality gifs with transparent backgrounds. First select the graphic portion of the label, then drag it out from the edges to resize.

3. What paper can I print the labels on?
Because the graphics are transparent, these labels can be printed on any background, cardstock paper, vellum, kraft paper, and even cloth.

4. Can these labels be used on other products? Yes. These labels are the perfect size for bath salts tags, lotions, cream labels and other products that need labels, tags and hang tags.

Where to get other images
Wheeler Arts has high resolution image sets that you can purchase and use in desktop applications or more sophistcated image editing programs such as Photoshop. Their image collections are grouped into themes such as "herbal", and "Floral" anthologies and is downloadable from their website.

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