Martha Munnizzi Wants Change

Martha Munnizzi Wants Change
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The new CD from Martha Munizzi "Change the World" is filled with the same praise and worship music that we have all come to expect from her. What would an album from Munizzi be without Israel and Aaron in the background producing the tracks? What would it be without the Latin flavored beats that make up a Martha Munizzi CD? Well one doesn't have to worry about what it would be like because Munizzi, working from the standpoint of "if it ain't broke don't fix it" has served up the worship music that has marked her career from the very beginning when she was just a praise leader at FaithWorld Church in Florida.

While "Change the World" is a good and solid project, one can't help but wish for a little more change on the CD. In spite of the familiarity of this recording, if you are a Munizzi fan, you can't help but sing along with the tracks and enjoy the praise fest while it's taking place.

Opening with the strong percussion, spirited horn driven track "Invincible God" Munizzi sings "There's nobody like you Lord" and ushers the crowd to a bumpin' praise party from the first beats. If you loved "Chosen Generation" then this is the track for you. She next moves to the high voltage "Nothing Can Separate Me" if you love "You've Been So Good" then this is the track for you. Finally for the Salsa, Latin, Calypso lovers "Dance' is the track for you. Much like the beloved "Glorious" the hot rhythmic beats of this tune bring to mind the previous joint and she even sings the lyrics "Get to dancing, singing, jumping, leaping, get to shouting...make it loud" and since you know the rest you want to sing Glorious but she changes the lyric to Dance at the last minute. A little change I guess...but I really could have used more. Yeah the tunes are familiar but again the project is good.

When speaking with Munizzi about the project she stated "its praise and worship. It just more of what I do and I really love it. I'm excited about it and it's really just songs for the church."

If you are a choir director or worship leader then this is one CD you will love because as Munizzi states the songs are easy to learn and will provide great praise music for any choir. "I remember how hard it was to find resources and songs that could really energize the crowd and enter them into the presence of God. That's why the songs are so great for the believer (on this CD) because they are encouraging 'Nothing Can Separate Me' and God is invincible and they also speak about God's love for us. I really believe that God's love is what draws us to Him."

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Dalit Children
Connecting with World Vision, Munizzi has put together a movement that incorporates the title track "Change the World" and works to bring awareness to the Dalits. Known as the "untouchables" in India the Dalit people are considered the lowest members of the caste system. Although they are roughly 25 percent of the population of India, the Dalits have been convinced that they belong at the bottom of the social hierarchy. "What we have done is team with World Vision to make a statement about this and get into the hearts of the people that you can make a difference and change the world" said Munizzi. "The Dalit people themselves are rising up. They are converting to Christianity and they're saying 'We can be free'" she adds.

Believing that the answer is the love of God, Munizzi ends the rock infused song ends with the war cry "Lo Lo VE Love" as she put it "I really do believe that when you are filled with the love of God you can't help but share it and if you can indeed change the world."

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