Ethnic Beauty Are You Dressing Your Age?

Ethnic Beauty Are You Dressing Your Age?
What does that mean? Ok, granted I'm not going to walk out in a mini skirt or butt cheek shorts, the thighs and knees will not present a flattering look. However I will venture out in a pair of slim fitting jeans and a nice tunic top. This look is age appropriate for almost anyone. It's chic, classy and can be dressed up or down.

There are some pieces that we have in our closets that should probably be passed down to our daughters, grand daughters or nieces. If you can't wear that midriff top over a classic shirt without looking as though you've been stuffed into it, it's time to let it go.

Dressing a Mature Body

When the word mature enters the conversation, it typically applies to women that are 50 or older. Does maturing have anything to do with you dressing your age? I think that maturing will have more to do with wearing what feels conformable and your state of mind. If you're one of the fortunate ones, that didn't acquire a pound or two over the years, consider yourself lucky. However, for the rest of us, that pound or two seems to have found a happy home around our waist or thighs.

This definitely means we have to find a different approach to looking slim. I did not say skinny. Slim was my exact word. Frumpy is another word that seems to come into the vocabulary when talking about dressing mature women. I've seen teenagers that dress more frumpy than a lot of mature women. That's typically about self esteem or the person that hasn't been taught how to find their unique fashion statement.

Women in general can get into a rut when it comes to dressing, however, mature women will typically fall into this space because they've been busy being the caretaker for everyone else int he house and have forgotten all about themselves.

This happens a lot when women don't work outside the home. We have a tendency to take on a uniform so to speak. Work out gear, elastic waist jeans, these pieces become staples for everyday wear. No No No!

Dressing the 20 to 40 Something Body

And while I'm at it, dressing your age doesn't just apply to mature women. Some of you that fall into the age bracket of 20 to 40's can dress older than those of us that are in the 50 plus group, especially in today's fashion market. When I talk with a lot of you, you tell me that you'd like to appear older so that you can be taken more serious.

Image is only part of being taken more serious, intellect is what will help you accomplish being taken more serious. Your wealth lies in you brain, you're taken more serious by what you know and how you protect that knowledge.

Dressing Your Age With The Classic Wardrobe

If you had to put together a basic wardrobe of classic pieces, regardless of age, what would it consist of? The Core Pieces ...

A White Shirt - You can build a wardrobe around this item. The more of them you have the better. A few of them should definitely have french cuffs. It can be jeweled neckline with french cuffs, classic collar with french cuffs or a classic wrap with french cuffs. The french cuff will add elegance and a more feminine flare.

Fabrics should included cotton, linen, silk, sateen or a combination of these fabrics.

Black Pants - Straight legs, wide leg, trouser cut or bell bottom, black pants should be in your wardrobe. If you can manage to have each of the styles mentioned, you'll expand the looks you can get in your wardrobe.

Fabrics should include cotton twill, linen, silk, wool gaberdine, denim and yes, leather.

Tunic Tops - Why do I add tunic tops? A Tunic top can enhance and cover the greatest of assets. They can elongate, slenderize and give the most basic pair of jeans a classic and elegant look.

Pumps - Yes, a good pair of pumps can also give a basic pair of jeans a classic and elegant look. Picture this, your white french cuff shirt, black denim jeans and red suede pumps. Need I say more? Don't believe me try it. I once say a size 16 beauty, full hips, girls (breast) saluting the sun, walk into a room with this very look. It was a show stopper.

Your shoe choice will depend on your favorite color. Of course black is always a welcomed choice and should be part of any shoe wardrobe.

While this is just the beginning of what can be wardrobe building for any age, it will get you started. Have fun as you dress for who you are, not just your age.

That's it for this week. As Always …

Dedicated To Your Beauty,

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